It’s Cute, fast and Fun to make

20heart mug cover

Valentine’s Day is next week.  I can’t believe how time flies when you’re having fun.    Here is a quick and fun little crochet project.  I have been trying to come up with ways to use up my extensive yarn scraps.  (I admit I hate to throw away partly used skeins of yarn).    Valentine’s Day is as perfect time to make this little heart coffee cozy.  It is fun and easy to make.  They work up so fast you can make one for every special person in your life.  It uses very little yarn.  You could also reverse the colors and make the cover white and the heart red.  It’s really up to you.

You will need some scraps of white and red yarn.  (Choose other colors if you like maybe pink and red? )  I used medium weight yarn.   You can purchase your mugs at any housewares section of stores.  You can even find them at the Dollar stores.  Choose one that holds approximately 10-12 oz.


Scraps of red and white yarn  (Medium weight)   I used  Lion Brand Yarns – Vannas Choice in Cranberry and White.



Yarn needle

Coffee mug

Crochet Hook  I/9 ( 5.5 mm )  For body of coffee cozy

Crochet Hook  J/10  (6mm) for heart

Mug (holding approximately 10 oz)  (If using a larger mug you will need to increase your beginning chains and number of rows )

Coffee Cozy base:   Crochet Hook  I /9  (5.5mm)

To begin:  Chain 12,  dc in each chain beginning on 4th chain from hook.

Row 2 – 15   :  Chain 3, turn work, dc in each st.

Row 16:   Sl st into the first 4th st,  chain 3, dc in the next 2 st

Row 17:    Ch 3, turn work, dc into the next 2 st,  fasten off   (You will slip your button thru one of the dc spaces).

Sew button onto the opposite side of mug so that the little tab of rows 16-27 can be used as the button hole.   Sew in your yarn tails.

Heart:   Switch to Size J/10 (6mm) hook.   You can do either one or two hearts (it’s up to you)

To begin:  Magic circle,  chain 2, * [YO 2 times (there will be 4 loops of yarn on hook),  pull thru first 2 loop, pull thru next 2 loops,  pull thru last 2 loops]* first st done, repeat from * to * 2 more times, 3dc, ch 1, [YO 2 times (there will be 4 loops of yarn on hook), pull thru first 2 loop, pull thru next 2 loops, pull thru last 2 loops], chain 1,  3dc,* [YO 2 times (there will be 4 loops of yarn on hook), pull thru first 2 loop, pull thru next 2 loops, pull thru last 2 loops]* first st done, repeat from * to * 2 more times,  chain 2, sl st into the circle.   Pull your circle shut.    Leave a long tail to sew heart onto your coffee cozy.    Sew your heart to your coffee cozy base.  Sew in tails.

To use:  Wrap your cozy around your coffee mug (heart on outside).. button and enjoy.

If you got a little lost with the heart portion and prefer watching a video tutorial just click on the video below.  I hope you enjoy this project.  Please be sure to become a member of my blog.  It’s free and your information is never shared or sold.  You will also then be notified of new blog postings.  :  )

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How to make simple Graphs without fancy software

Heart Graph for blog

First a disclaimer:  I am not a professional artist.  As if that wasn’t obvious.  However I can draw some basic things.  I love seeing all the crochet and knit projects using graphs.  I used to do some cross stitch needlepoint back in the day so I am familiar with following a graph.  Making your own simple graphs is not difficult.  I am technology challenged.  I still do so much stuff the other fashioned way.. using a pen and paper.   Here is how I made the heart graph to use in my Valentines Day square.

  1.  Take a blank sheet of graph paper.. fold it (wrong side) in half, then half again.  Now you have a small square
  2. Open up paper and use the fold crease marks as a guide.   Draw half of your heart.  (I can never get my symmetrical if I try to draw the entire heart first
  3. Open up and trace the other half of the heart.
  4. Flip paper over and fill in the squares to make the shape as best as you can.  I find it easier to use a lightbox or place paper on a window so I can see the heart outline from the other side.
  5.  Correct any errors..  Now take a clean sheet and do your final draft.  I had to make some corrections on my heart.


That’s all there is to it.  I am using this same technique to make a sailboat and fish for a nautical theme baby blanket.   I’m sure there are better and easier ways to do this using technology.    There are software programs that can take your photo and turn it into a graph.  Some are better than others and many are free.

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day – C2C Heart Square!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  I wanted to make a project to go with that special day of love.  During this last couple of months I have been busy making blankets for grandkids.   I was starting to look around for a blanket I could make for my granddaughter.   I didn’t want the regular blanket.  I wanted to come up with something cute and that says how much I love her.   This might be the answer.  My square is almost ready. I just need to sew in the yarn tails.

A heart square using the C2C (Corner to Corner) technique.   This is an easier graph / graphic because there are only 2 colors.  (Red and white) and the color changes are minimal.   This square could be used for a pillow/cushion cover or making several more squares and sewing them together I could turn it into an afghan or blanket.   Each square measures approximately 12 inches.   I designed this graph to be easy to use and work up fast.

The photo above shows the square without being blocked yet.  I will be adding 2 rows of sc around the edges.  (working 3 sc in each corner)   This will give me something to hold onto while sewing the front to the back panel (all white for back).  I will purchase a 12 inch pillow form.  This will make a cute Valentine’s day gift.    The cuteness factor is off the charts.  You could even embroider a message on the heart such as “I love you”  “Be Mine”   etc.

I added the arrows to help keep you on track.  It’s super easy to get confused as to which row you are working on.  If it helps you can put a little stitch marker on the right side of the work.   I hope you enjoy this project.   I downloaded the graph paper from Sarah Zimmerman’s blog.  RepeatCrafterMe   She has a ton of cute projects and she had a blank graph sheet that worked out perfectly for this project.   Using the graph sheets is a great way to design your own squares.  I came up with this design because I wanted to make something for Valentine’s Day.  Yes, Love is in the air!



Yarn needle to sew in tails

Medium weight yarn in 2 colors,   White and Red (You can choose your own colors if you prefer)

Crochet Hook G /  6  4.00mm  (the hook I used says G but it is actually 4.25mm and it still worked).

Squares measure approximately  12 inches

Heart Graph for blog

W= white

R= Red

To begin:    I used 2 separate balls of white yarn (on on each opposite side of the red color changes).  This allowed meant that I didn’t have to cut the white yarn.  I just dropped the white yarn and picked up the red when called for in the graph and visa versa with the red yarn.    I only used 1 ball of red yarn.  I only had to cut it once after working row 18 red squares  and re-attach it later on the red color change on row 21.  After completing all your work you will need to sew in your tails.

INCREASE ROWS  (work in the direction of the arrows on the graph)

1:  1W

2:  2W

3:  3W

4:  4W

5:  5W

6:  6W

7:  7W

8: 8W

9: 9W

10:  2W, 6R, 2W

11: 2W, 6R, 3W

12: 3W, 7R,  2W

13: 4W, 7R, 2W

14:  2W, 8R, 4W

15:  5W, 7R, 3W


16: 2W, 8R, 4W

17: 4W, 7R, 2W

18: 2W, 7R, 3W

19:  3W, 4R, 4W

20: 3W, 5R, 2W

21:  2W, 4R, 3W

22: 2W, 4R, 2W

23: 2W, 3R, 2W

24: 2W, 2R, 2W

25: 5W

26: 4W

27: 3W

28: 2W

29:  1W

Here is a short video tutorial explaining how to increase (work the C2C) and how to change colors, and then finally the decreases.   It is not a row by row, meaning not all 29 rows are shown.   It should give you an idea on how to work a C2C and how I picked up and changed colors.    To view the video click below:


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Make This Fun and Easy Granny Square Coffee Cup Cozy

coffe cup cozy

Here is today’s project: A Fun and Easy Granny Square Coffee Cup Cozy

If you’re like me you probably have tons of partially used skeins of yarn.  I just can’t seem to throw out even small amounts of yarn out.  I know if I just think a little I can come up with ways to use these small scraps of yarn and make something beautiful.   For many of you January is one of the coldest months of the year.  I must admit I live in a suburb of San Diego, California and we are blessed with pretty awesome weather year round.  However for those of you not so fortunate I wanted to come up with a project that uses up your yarn scraps.  I’ve used  colorful spring colors to make winter more bearable.    This is what I came up with a fun and easy Granny Square coffee cup cozy.   It’s a great way to use up your scraps. Plus it had to be pretty enough to give away as a gift.  (Teachers day,   Mother’s Day, etc.).  You can choose your own colors if you prefer.  I can just imagine this with pretty shades or orange and maybe a yellow center.

I keep seeing granny squares everywhere.  Here I took the first two rounds of a granny square and kinda did a little hack to make it into a rectangle.  It’s fast and easy to do.   I know my instructions might be a little confusing.  Don’t worry I’ve also included a link to a video tutorial for visual learners.   You will need:

Scraps of medium weight yarn ( I used 4 different colors, white, lavender, purple and green )

F / 5  (3.75mm) hook


Yarn needle

1 Button

To begin:   (You will work the first 2 rounds as you would for a granny square.  with the 1st color I used lavender )  Make 2

Chain 4, slip stitch into 1st chain to close ring.

Round 1:  chain 3 (counts as dc), 2dc into ring, *ch 3, 3dc into ring*, rep from * to * 2 more times, ch 3, sl st into 3rd ch,  Fasten off

Round 2:  (with 2nd color, I used purple) join yarn in any ch-3 sp, ch 3 (counts as dc), 2dc into same ch-3 sp,  3dc into same ch-3 sp, *ch 2, skip 3dc, [3dc, 3dc, ch 3, 3dc ] in same ch-3 sp,(this make the corner), rep from * to * 2 more times, ch 3, sl st into 3rd ch, fasten off

With 3rd color (I used green):  join yarn in any ch-3 corner sp,  ch 3, 2dc, *ch 2, skip 3dc, 3dc into next ch-2 sp,* rep from * to * 1 more time, fasten off

Repeat on opposite edge.  See photo above for reference.  This step is shown in the green color yarn.  (Repeat these steps to create your second rectangle. )

Wth 4th color (I used white)  Join yarn in any stitch (I avoid the corners).  ch 1, work 1 sc in each stitch all around entire piece, work 3 sc in each corner stitch.  When working along the dc post work 2 sc into the post.  On the opposite corner you will have 3 chains, work 1 sc into each chain.  Fasten off

Sewing/ Joining rectangle:   You can either sew or join your two pieces along one edge (the one with the green color) by either sewing or joining with a slip stitch. You will begin to join your pieces in the 2nd sc of the corner chains.  (Remember you work 3 sc into the corner stitches).  Picking up the chain loop closest to the center (DO NOT work thru both loops of the stitch) you can sew or slip stitch to the opposite edge.    You will only be seeing one edge of your rectangle.  The other side will have a loop. First connecting loop.   With any color of your choice,  join yarn at least 2 or 3 stitches from the edge.   Chain 5,  sl st into your opposite piece also 2 or 3 stitches from the edge,  sc back into each ch, sl st into your original joining stitch and sc.  Fasten off.

For button loop: With any color of your choice, join yarn at least 2 or 3 stitches from the edge. Chain 12, sl st into your opposite piece also 2 or 3 stitches from the edfe, sc,  and Fasten off.

Sew on your button.   sew in tails and  Enjoy!

*I have made every effort to make sure these instructions are accurate.  However my fingers type faster than my brain works.  So I apologize if there are any errors.

If you found the instructions above confusing don’t worry.  I have created a free YouTube video tutorial.  Some people prefer to watch the video.   Click here to watch it.

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Announcing Lovie Book Giveaway Winners!


First I would like to thank everyone who participated in this giveaway.  It was really great to see how many of you liked the content of both books. Today I want to announce the 3 winners.  Each will have a choice of either the Knit Animal Lovies book or the Crochet Animal Lovie Blankets book.    All 3 winners have been notified at the email they used to sign up to become members of my blog.  These giveaways are my way of saying thank you to everyone who has supported me and shown that extra love of becoming a blog member.    Being a member is free and it guarantees you will be kept up to date on new posts, giveaways, online courses  and lots of great projects.

Now without further ado here they are… drum roll please.

1st Winner is Tammy Rodriguez

2nd Winner is  Cupcake  ( Yup that’s right Cupcake : ) )

3rd Winner is  Diane of

If you didn’t win please don’t be discouraged.  I will have many more giveaways thru out the year.  If you still would like a book they can be purchased at Joanns,  Hobby Lobby, WalMart (Crochet only plus mini-book version) and of course    You can also purchase the digital download version from  so you can get it immediately.   I know you’re going to love all the projects in the books.   They are fun to make and make great gifts.


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