It’s BB-8 lookalike. Fun free crochet project


Look who showed up this week it’s BB-8.   I have been a Star Wars fan since the beginning saga in the 70’s.   The whole idea of a fantasy world is always fun.  This past year Star Wars released their latest film “The Force Awakens.”   I have to admit that the last few Star Wars movies (Not the original series) was not really my favorites.  However, this last film “The Force Awakens” I really liked.  I found it refreshening and fun.  I really enjoyed the introduction of the new droid  BB8.  I have been wanting to make a hat inspired by his fun personality but with so many other things going around that it has taken me this long to get around to finally crocheting one.  I was finally motivated to make one when a friends grandson asked if I could make him one.  Who can say no to a cute little face?  Now I think I want to make an Ewok.  How fun would that be?

This hat should fit children and some adult.  (It fits me.)   Here I what I came up with.  I hope you enjoy it.


Small amounts of  Medium weight yarn in Orange, white, black and grey


2 Stitch Markers

Large safety pins (to hold the cameras down while sewing to hat)

Hat portion

To Begin:  (white yarn)  Magic circle, ch 1, ch 3 (counts as dc here and thru-out), 11 dc,  pull circle shut, sl st into 3rd ch

Round 2:  ch 3, dc into same st, 2dc in each st, sl st into 3rd ch

Round 3:  (change to gray), ch 3, 2 dc into each st, sl st into 3rd ch

Round 4: (change to white), ch 3, dc in next 4 st, *2dc, dc in next 5 st*, rep from * to *, sl st into 3rd ch

Round 5:  (change to orange), ch 3, dc in next 23 st, (change to white), dc into next 10 st, (change to orange), 1 dc in ea st to end of round, sl st into 3rd ch

Round 6 – 9:  (change to white), ch 3, dc in ea st, sl st into 3rd ch

Round 10 – 11:  [You will be using both white and orange) In orange ch 3, dc into next 3, (white) *dc in next 2 st, (orange), dc in the next 4 st,* rep from * to * 3 times, (orange), dc in next st,  (white) dc in the next 16 st, (orange) *dc in next 4 st, (white, dc in next 2 st,*rep from * to * 2 times, (orange) dc in remaining st, sl st into 3rd ch

Round  12: (gray) ch 3, dc in ea st, sl st into 3rd chain, fasten off.


Large camera in black:  (In black) magic circle, ch 3 (counts as dc), 11 dc into circle, pull shut, sl st into 3rd ch

Round 2:  ch 2, hdc into same st, 2hdc in ea st, sl st into 2nd ch

Round 3:  ch 2, hdc into same st,* hdc, 2hdc in ea st*,  sl st into 2nd ch, fasten off

Medium camera:  (black), magic circle, ch 2 (counts as hdc), 11 hdc into circle, pull shut, sl st into 2nd ch

Round 2:  (white), ch 2, hdc into same st, 2hdc in ea st, sl st into 2nd ch

Round 3:  (gray),  ch 1, sc into same st, *2sc, sc, * rep from * to * thru out round, sl st into 1st st, fasten off

Small camera:  (white) magic circle, ch 1, 11 sc into circle, pull circle st, sl st into 1st st

Round 2:  ch 1, sc into same st, 2sc into each st, sl st into 1st st,

Round 3: (gray) sl st into each st, fasten off

Putting it all together:

Please use the photo above as a reference for placement of cameras.  In the large and medium cameras of my hat I added small white stitches on the black to duplicate light reflecting on the camera.  If you add this dots please make sure they both face in the same direction on both lens when placing on the black.

Using color to match the camera you are sewing on use the yarn and a yarn needle and stitch the camera circle onto your hat.  You will be placing the circles on the white section of the hat.

If you are more of a visual person I have also created a YouTube step-by-step Tutorial.   The video tutorial is dividing into 4 videos.  I try to make sure my direction are free of errors.  If there is a mistake please let me know.  Enjoy making your little ones this hat.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3 

 Final Video 4


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Easy to Crochet Baskets – I’ll show you how

yarn basket thumbnail


Let’s celebrate Earth Day 2016 by crocheting some baskets.  These baskets are so fun and easy to make.  The best part is that you can adjust the size according to your needs.  You can even make several to rest inside of each other.   The basket I made measured about 12 1/2 inches in circumference and about 8 inches tall.  It is surpassing how much fits inside of it.  What is also nice is that when not in use you can just fold it flat and out of the way.   I think crocheting your own baskets is a great way to eliminate landfill waste.  How many times have we seen throw away containers which end up in the landfill since they tear or break so easily.

To make this basket I used 2 strands together of medium weight yarn (weight 4 category).   You can also use a chunky/bulky weight yarn or that new blanket weight yarn I have seen in stores.   The great thing about this basket is that you just continue to add rounds until you get your desired size.. and then work your rounds up to the height you want.  Super easy.  I made this using single crochet stitches to get a closed weave.  You could also use half double crochet stitches or even double crochet.  Just be aware that the double crochet will be a bit open so if you are making them to store small items they could slip thru the stitches.


12 oz. of Medum weight yarn in color or colors of choice ( For the size I made)

J Hook 10.5 size, 6.5mm

4 stitch markers


yarn needle to sew in tails.

To begin:   Chain 4, sl st into 1st chain (Remember, you will be using 2 strands of yarn at the same time thru out entire project).

Rnd 1:  6 sc into circle (put stitch marker in first stitch of each round)

Rnd 2:  2sc into each st

Rnd 3:  *2sc, 1 sc in next st*, rep from * to *

Rnd 4:  *2sc, 1 sc in next 2 st*,  rep from * to *

Rnd 5: *2sc, 1 sc in next 3 st*, rep from * to *

Rnd 6- your desired size:   Each new round will begin with 2 sc in first st (increase).  You will increase the number of stitches that have only 1 sc in each stitch by 1 stitch.  For example,  Rnd 6 would be:  *2 sc, sc in next next 4*, rep from * to *     Rnd 7 would be:  *2sc, sc in the next 5 st*, rep from * to *and so on.    I did a total of 17 rounds.

Once you have your desired size circle (this is the bottom of the basket).  You will work 1 round of:  1 sc in each st (Back Loops ONLY) .  This forms the ridge of your basket to begin adding height.

Next rounds after your back loop only round.:   sc in each st.  Continue adding rounds until you have your desired height.

Handles:  Once you have your desired height.   Fold your basket in half (with stitch marker a little to the right of center).   Now place stitch markers on both layer of your basket with enough space for your hand to fit.   I put my stitch markers 7 chains apart.. then 7 stitches apart on the back half.   Now chain that many of stitches.  For my basket I skipped 7 stitches so I made 7 chains.    (See photos below)

Work 2 rounds of single crochet in each stitch including the chains spaces.  Fasten off and weave in your tails.  Your basket is ready to enjoy.  You can make these any size or colors you like.  You are only limited by your own creativity.  You can make them multi-color and use up your yarn scraps.


basket 1

basket 3

basket 2


If you prefer watching a Video Tutorial please click on the box below.   If you haven’t already become a member of this blog please become a member.

When you visit my YouTube channel be sure to SUBSCRIBE and that way you can be notified when new videos are available.  Also follow me on my other social media platforms.  All the icons are below.  Please any comments below.  Happy Crocheting!


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Announcing Yarnspirations Yarn Giveaway Winners!

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 4.09.38 PM

patons-classicwoolbulky-02    bernat-blanket-01


This is a short post to announce the winners of the Yarnspirations Yarn Giveaway.   This giveaway is a way to thank all of my blog members.   The winners will be able to select 10 skeins of their choice from among the yarns sold by Yarnspirations.   The 3 winners have been notified to the email they used when they become members of this blog.  They will have until next Thursday, April 21 at 5pm (PST) to claim their prize.  The mail contains all instructions to claim prizes.  If they do not respond within that time to claim their prize a new winner will be chosen to take their place.   Remember only those people living in the USA and Canada are eligible to enter and win.

The first winner is:   Saundra Shackelford 


The second winner is:   Margaret Ellis


The third winner is:   Ivette Gutierrez


If you didn’t win don’t despair, I have man more giveaways and some contests planned for the rest of 2016.  To be eligible you simply need to be a member of this blog.  It is free and your information is always kept confidential.  The sign up box is along the right hand side of this blog.    Be sure to become a member today if you haven’t already done so.

I want to thank my friends are Yarnspirations for their generosity and support.   Please help me in Congratulating all the winners.  Thank you all for your support.   I love you all so much.    Please be sure to follow me on all my other social media sites.  The icons are here at the bottom.


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Easy to make Paper Roses. Beautiful and Inexpensive Gifts

rose pen


In this post I wanted to share an easy to make paper craft.  When we were kids we would make crepe paper flowers.  They make fun and inexpensive gifts for Mother’s Day,  Teacher Gifts or Secretary’s Day.  You can make them as stand along roses or place them on the top of a pen for a fun and pretty alternative to a plain pen.   You can make several rose pens (In different colors) and place in a small cup that is then placed on top of a desk.  These are perfect as inexpensive gifts.  With so many teachers and other people to give gifts to sometimes staying within our household budgets can be a challenge.  These are pretty  and inexpensive gifts.


Make them in white instead of red for a fun sign in pen for showers, weddings, etc.   I purchased all supplies except the green crepe paper (couldn’t find any) and pens from my local Dollar Tree.   I also used a low temp glue gun (and glue sticks) that I had previously purchased at my local Michael’s store.

It would be ideal to be able to match the leaf paper and ribbon.  I wasn’t able to find a green color that matched perfectly.  In fact I had a hard time finding the green paper until I went to a PartyCity store.  I purchased a package of 12 Paper Mate ball point pens from my local Office Depot Store.  You could also use all those pens one seems to collect at hotels,  giveaways, etc.  They will be covered so logos won’t show.  It cannot however be the type where you click on the top to release the pen since the rose would get in the way.  Get the basic type of pens as those pictured below with the cover.

Supplies needed:

Floral wire

Floral ribbon (sticky type)


Crepe paper in red and green. ( I used the party streamers)

Glue gun

Pens (optional) I purchased a pkg. of 12 from my local Office Dept store.  You can find these at any office supply store or even at Wal-Mart.



To begin:

  1. Fold the crepe paper over a few times (make at least 5 – 7 petals)  I used red.   Cut out petal shapes.  You can rub along the top of the petals to help shape the edges to curve.  Cut out leaves in the same way.  I used 2

IMG_5379   IMG_5380  IMG_5381 IMG_5382 IMG_5384     IMG_5385

2.  Cut a strip of floral wire approximately 12 inches long.  Fold one end to make it easier to glue to first petal.   Keep adding petals (narrow edge to the bottom) and alternate their placement.  Use little dot of hot glue to secure in place.

IMG_5389  IMG_5390 IMG_5394 IMG_5396

3.  Place a small dab of glue to attach floral ribbon.. now wrap the floral ribbon around the floral wire.   Add a couple of leaves.  Using a dab of hot glue at the base of the leaves to secure.. continue wrapping wire ribbon around wire until finished.   Add a dab of hot glue to secure tail of wire ribbon.   After your rose is done you can fluff up the petals to shape as desired.  See photo B

IMG_5402 IMG_5399 IMG_5400  IMG_5403 IMG_5404 IMG_5405  Photo B


Pen Option.   Prepare your rose in the same same.  Put a little dab of hot glue to top of pen.  Attach rose rose to pen.  Wrap floral wire around pen DO NOT go all the way to the bottom.   (see photo) Add leaves if desired.  Continue wrapping floral ribbon around pen.  DO NOT go all the way to the bottom if you plan to use the pen cover on your pen.  Add a dab of hot glue to secure your ribbon tail.    Fluff your petals (see photo B) Enjoy.

IMG_5406 IMG_5407 IMG_5409 IMG_5410

This is the measurement of the petal if using the crepe paper party streamers.  You can make them larger if you buy regular roll crepe paper.  The shape is very similar to a heart.. but with a solid top.  I haven’t tried it with tissue paper but I’m told it works.  I think they would be too thin and tear too easily with use.

measurement of rose petal

rose collage



If you prefer to watch a quick video tutorial I have uploaded one to my YouTube Channel.  “All Crafts Channel”  Click on the video below to watch it.

Paper Rose Video Tutorial

I hope you enjoy this project.  It brings back memories.  If you are making this with children be very careful using the glue gun.  Even low temp glue guns can get very hot.  Always use caution when crafting with children.


Please be sure to follow me on all my social media platforms.  If you have any comments please leave them below.

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Yarnspirations Yarn Giveaway! Enter for a chance to win 10 skeins of your choice

UPDATE:  This giveaway is now closed.  Winners have been notified.  Thank you.

It’s Giveaway Time! 

Some of my favorite things are giveaways.  To thank all of my blog members I have partnered with my friends at Yarnspirations to do a giveaway.   This one is a little different than most.  This time Yarnspirations is allowing the winner to choose 10 skeins of their choice.    This is great because if you have a project in mind you can select the yarn you want to use.  They can be all of one type of yarn of all different.   Yarnspirations is the maker of Pattons, Bernat, Caron and Sugar ‘n Cream yarns.  I think winners may have a tough time making their yarn selections.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 4.09.38 PM

We are offering 3 prize packages.  So that means 3 winners will be chosen at random.  Each will be able to select the yarns of their choice.  The giveaway is open to anyone living in the USA and Canada.   Unfortunately, due to shipping restrictions at this time the giveaway will only be open in these two countries.   In order to qualify to enter the giveaway you will need to do the following;

  1.  Be a member of this blog.  It is free and your information will never be sold or shared with anyone else. The sign up box is in the upper right hand corner.
  2.  Leave a comment (Here on this blog) on what you plan to make with your yarn if you are chosen as a winner and which is your favorite Yarnspirations yarn.  You need to scroll all the way down past the last comment.  A leave reply box will appear.  This is where you enter your comment.

The giveaway will be open for 7 days.   The winner will  be chosen on April,  14, 2016 at  5pm (PST).  The 3 winners will be notified via the email they use when they become members.   After all winners are notified I will post the winners information on a post next Friday.  All winners will have 3 calendar days to claim their prize.   If winners do not claim their prizes in that time a new winner will be selected and notified.   If you need ideas of what to make please visit my YouTUbe Channel for lots of projects to choose from.  Currently there are over 600 free YouTube tutorials on my “All Crafts Channel.” 

Yarnspirations has lots of great yarns.  You may want to head on over to their website and check out the selection (just in case you win).   That’s it!  Please share this post with all your yarn loving friends.   Be sure to become a member because I will be having lots of other fun events and giveaways this year.


Be sure to follow me on a ll my social media platforms.  You need to scroll all the way down past the last comment and the leave reply box will appear.  Write your comment in that box.  Good luck everyone!

bernat-blanket-01 lily-05



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