Thick Pot Holders – Easy Crochet Project

Thick Pot Holders – Easy Crochet Project

Making new items for your home is always fun, in this post we will make these thick pot holders – Easy crochet project.  

This item uses only basic stitches and works up super fast.  These pot holders make great housewarming gifts.  Now you can use colors that match your home decor.  It’s also great because it uses so little yarn that it is a great way to use up partial skeins of yarn. 

Cotton yarn is the ideal fiber since it can absorb water and heat.  Also it will not burn the way that acrylic yarn does. 

I have to admit that I just love these kinds of projects.  They are fast, easy and I just like to have a stack of gifts ready to give on every occasion.  Whether for a housewarming gift, bridal showers or just when I know someone may be feeling a little down and needs some encouragement.  


Crochet Thick Pot Holder     by  Yolanda Soto-Lopez

Pot Holder

    Pot Holder

Skill level:  Beginner  


  approximately  3 – oz.  Cotton Yarn, Medium Weight (worsted) 


Yarn Needles 

K Size Crochet Hook (7mm) 

To Begin: 

Working with 2 strands yarn 

Chain 25,  Double crochet in 4th chain from end

Row 1: dc in each stitch,  chain 3 turn work over  (22 dc total) 

Row 2:  Dc into first stitch, dc in each stitch,  last stitch goes into chain 3 chain, ch 3, turn work

Repeat for a total of 11 rows.   Leave a tail to sew edges together. 

Fold corners into the middle  to form a square (see photo)

    Fold your pot holder like this in order to sew

Sew along edges…sew in tails 

Sewing guide for pot holders

    Sewing guide

In one corner join yarn,  chain 10. join into first stitch.. bind off.  sew in tail.   Use this loop to hang pot holder.  That’s it, Enjoy 

If you are a more visual learner click on this link to be see my free YouTube video Tutorial: 

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