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Chunky Yarn Crochet Cowl – It’s Super Fun and Easy

A chunky yarn crochet cowl makes a comfy and fast project.  Using chunky yarn means you’ll whip right thru your project.  Using Bernat Roving Yarn from Yarnspirations I designed this crochet cowl.  I chose two of my favorite colors.  I selected Plum and Quartz Pink for my chunky yarn crochet cowl.  This yarn is so soft.  It is made using 80% acrylic and 20% wool yarn.  That means it will be nice and warm without being too hot.   It is really soft and feels great against my skin.If you haven’t tried this yarn you are in for a treat.  This is my first it using it and I know I will be using it often.  I love discovering new yarns and fibers.


Chunky Yarn crochet cowl

Chunky Yarn Crochet Cowl using Bernat Roving yarn

It’s already warm in my town of Chula Vista, California, however much of the USA and World is still chilly.  This cowl is a nice way to layer up.  It can easily be worn under a sweater, jacket or even just a top.   The picot edge gives it a nice touch.  You can wear it standing up over fold it over as in the photo above.  The project can be made in a single afternoon and would make a great gift.

Crochet Cowl collage

Crochet Cowl collage

Here is what you will need:

2 skeins of Bernat Roving Yarn (Choose contrasting colors)

1 Stitch Marker


Yarn needle

K Crochet Hook  ( 6 1/2 mm)

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Non-Slip Soles for Knit and Crochet Slippers

Non-Slip Soles

Non-Slip Soles for my Crocheting or Knit slippers can sometimes be time-consuming.  Very often I rely on the old faithful puffy fabric paint.  Other times I will sew on those non-slip shelf liners that are used in kitchen shelves to keep your drinking glasses and dishes from sliding off the shelves.  Those options work well but many times they are time-consuming and don’t always look very good.   I never want to give someone a gift that could endanger them and slippery soles can be very dangerous.  I had made a pair for my aunt and mother, so I definitely wanted them to be safe while wearing these comfy slippers.

Knit house slippers

Knit slippers with full knit lining

While at my knitting class my teacher mentioned that she uses a different method.  She said it’s fast and seems to work pretty well   Well, the fast part had me intrigued.  She shared a method of using a quick spray method.  She said she uses a product called “Rust-0leum Leak Seal.”  It is a spray that is used to repair leaks on rain gutters, skylights, cracked cement etc.  She told me it’s easily available at hardware stores like HomeDepot   Armed with this new information I made a quick trip to my local Home Depot store.   I went straight to the paint department and asked the salesperson for assistance.  They took me to the caged area where they keep spray paint and other items which can only be sold to adults.  He unlocked the cage and asked me if I wanted the clear coat or a color coat.   I chose the clear coat so that my slippers could look more natural.   I also bought some blue painters tape.   I rushed home anxious to try out this new method and create Non-Slip soles.

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Announcing Lovie Book Giveaway Winners!

Animal Lovie Books

Knit and Crochet Lovie Books

First I would like to thank everyone who participated in this giveaway.  It was really great to see how many of you liked the content of both books. Today I want to announce the 3 winners.  Each will have a choice of either the Knit Animal Lovies book or the Crochet Animal Lovie Blankets book.    All 3 winners have been notified at the email they used to sign up to become members of my blog.  These giveaways are my way of saying thank you to everyone who has supported me and shown that extra love of becoming a blog member.    Being a member is free and it guarantees you will be kept up to date on new posts, giveaways, online courses  and lots of great projects.

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OttLite Giveaway – Enter for a chance to win!

otto light


I LOVE to craft.  From sewing, beading, clay, crochet, knitting you name it I love it.  What I don’t love is not being able to see what I’m doing.  This wasn’t such a problem when I was younger but as I’m getting older my poor eyes need a break.  I bought a OttLite about 6 years ago.  My friend had one and she swore by it.  So, I went ahead and bought one for myself.  It’s very similar to this one only in white.   I have had that lamp all these years and use it almost daily.  It has never need to had the bulb replaced and works great.  I don’t know how often others have had to replace the bulb but mine is still going strong.

I like how the light is white and doesn’t seem to strain my eyes.  I also like that it gives a more natural light and helps me to distinguish colors and see clearly.  I’m so excited that my friends from OttLite have offered this lamp for me to be able to do a giveaway and share with my blog members.   The lamp is the OttLite slimline task lamp as in the picture above.  It’s lightweight and super portable.  I keep mine on my desk where I do a lot of my daily work.  I also move it to the table next to my soda so I can crochet or knit while watching TV.  If you would like to enter for a chance to win you will need to do the following:

1) Become a member by simply adding your name and email address.  You will find the link at the top right hand corner of my blog.

2)  Leave a comment on where you would use this lamp.  You can also just leave a comment saying why you want to win.

It would be great if you shared this blog post with your other crafty friends.  Heck I have a friend that uses her to read because she loves the white light.

A winner will be selected at the end of this week and will be notified via email…now do you see why I need your email?   Remember, this giveaway is only open to members so sign up today.  It’s free and I will never share or sell your info with anyone else.  Enter today and good luck!

Happy Crafting,


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Can you guess what I made?

stitch markers

How many times have you been upset when you little plastic stitch markers break?  I have gone back and can’t find the stitch markers.  I know sometimes we need a lot of markers but others times you may only need 1 or 2… well, whether you need 1 or 10 I came up with something much prettier and easy to make.

When I was at StitchesWest 2015 I saw so many vendors that were selling different types of stitch markers. I thought what a great idea.  I thought maybe I was the only one making my own beaded stitch markers, lol.   Anyway I decided to make a quick video showing you how I do it.  To be quite honest it’s so easy to do that I hesitated uploading the video.    I like to make my own beaded jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets etc.  This is very similar to that.   You will need some simple jewerly/beading supplies which can all be purchased at your local craft stores such as Michaels, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, etc.   The great thing about these stitch markers is that they will be made to your own preferences.  You choose your own beads, colors, etc.  The only thing I will caution you is to be careful not to make them too heavy as they may stretch out your work.  They can be made for knitting or crochet.  The knit stitch markers I made will fit up to a 10.5 size needle since I rarely make anything that requires a bigger needle.  I do have a stitch markers with a larger ring.   I explain how to do it in the video.  I hope you will enjoy it!

Did I forget to mention these make great gifts and are big sellers at craft fairs?

Become a member of this blog and enter a comment below to enter for a chance to win a set of 2 stitch markers.  Your voice of crochet or knit (to accommodate size needle up to US 10.5)  


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