Easy Paper Rose – ( Paper Crafts – Scrapbooking – Paper Quilling)

Paper Crafts (paper quilling) / Scrapbooking  can be so much fun!


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Paper Crafts/ Scrapbooking

I have been seeing these pretty flowers everywhere.  In fact my sister Laura made several beautiful wreaths with this little beauties.  Of course hers came out so much better (Arrghhh!)  The thing I love about these is that you are only limited by your creativity.  You can choose whatever colors or paper backgrounds you like.  I have even seen them made out of colorful magazine pages and music sheet paper.   Whichever paper you choose they seem to always turn out great.    Once complete you can glue these flowers onto picture frames, little cards, wreaths, etc.  They are great for Scrapbooking and general Paper Crafts.

Paper craft (paper quilling) /scrapbooking DIY Instructions:

1. – Find a paper of your choice.  Even construction paper works great.

2. –  I like to trace a circle (to help keep me in place) but this is optional

3. – Draw a swirl inside the circle.  Try to keep your swirls as even as possible.  You can see mine aren’t exactly even but it still worked.

4.)  Cut out your paper rose flower.  I used a curving line but you can make it a straight line if you like.

5.)  Use something small to help you start rolling up the paper.  I used a toothpick.  Once you get it going you won’t need the toothpick anymore.  NOTE:  Before I start rolling it up I added a little dab of glue to help keep the center in place.

6)  Add a dab of glue to the back of flower and attach to a surface.   Enjoy!

That is all there is to it.  See how easy it is to make this  Easy Paper Rose.  Your scrapbooking and paper crafts will never be the same.   : )


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