Bling! Bling! Hairclips


Do you hate plain hairclips but still need a way to keep hair in place?  Try adding a little bling.

This project is quick and easy.   You will need:

Plain (metal) clips (12 for $1.00)
E6000 Industrial Glue (use in well ventilated place)  ($4.99)
Rhinestones  (I used Darice brand in 7mm size)  ($3.99 for 150 rhinestones)
Gemstone holder or tweezers (This is optional but really helps keep your beads clean and free of glue) ($2.99)

I purchased most of the supplies at either Joanne’s or Michael’s.

Step 1:  Wipe off  top of metal clip to make sure it is free of dust or oil

Step 2:  Squeeze a strip of glue along top of clip

Step 3:  Using gemstone holder place rhinestones on clip in a row.  You have a couple minutes to move them.  Try to keep the top as free of glue as possible.  You can slide them around to make sure they fit. 
Step 4:  Allow to dry 24 hours.  The rhinestones will stay and place.  They sparkle in the sunlight and also under lights.  Great way to dress up any outfit. 
Enjoy your new Bling!   Do you prefer a video tutorial?  Just click on the video below.

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