Easy to Crochet Football Can Cozy

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Football Can Cozy

Crochet this fast and easy Football Can Cozy.  It makes a fun gift.   You can also choose to your team colors.

Here is an Easy to Crochet Father’s Day gift.   A can cozy.  It works great for soda and beer cans as well as for beer bottles.    I used it using brown and white as a traditional football colors but you could also use your team colors.   I have also made these and embroidered the words  Dad or Initials instead of adding the laces.

This can cozy uses only basic crochet stitches and works up super fast.   It’s also a great way to use up your yarn scraps.  I have also included the link to a free Video Tutorial for visual learners.  You will find the link on the last page of this post.

Football Can Cozy 


Medium weight yarn scraps in  brown and white


Yarn Needle

Crochet Hook  Size J/10  6.00mm

To begin:  Chain 22, sl st into first chain being careful not to twist chain

Round 1:  Ch 1, sc in each stitch

Rnd 2:  sl st into first st of round 1,  ch 1, sc in each stitch

Rnd 3: (change color to white), sl st into first st,  ch 1, sc in each stitch

Rnd 4:  (change to brown color) sl st into first st, ch 1, sc in each stitch

Rnd 5 –  9:  sl st into first st, ch 1, sc in  each stitch

Rnds 10: Repeat round 3

Rnd 11: (Change to brown):  Repeat end 2

Rnd 12: sl st into 1st st, ch 1, sc in each stitch, fasten off and sew in tails

Thread a scrap of white yarn (about 12 inches long) onto your yarn needle.  Embroider laces into the front of your can cozy.  (Between stitches 4 – 9).  Secure yarn and cut.     You are ready to enjoy your can cozy.

If you prefer a video tutorial here is the link:



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