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Crochet Bunny Hat in time for Easter

Photo of Crochet Bunny Hat

Crochet Bunny Hat

Learn to crochet this Bunny Hat

A Crochet Bunny hat seemed like the natural project with Easter just around the corner.  It’s a fun and easy Crochet Hat.  You can adjust the sizes to make it from baby to adult sizes.  The hook recommendations are just a general recommendation.  Everyone crochets at a different gauge.  I tend to crochet and knit on a tighter side.   You will need medium weight yarn.  I chose white and pink but you can choose your own colors.  I have made this same in a Light brown and beige for boys.  You will begin by crocheting my basic beanie in White medium weight yarn.

Written instructions on next page.  Please continue reading for full instructions.  Please visit my YouTube channel for lots of other great tutorials besides this hat at:


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Crochet Along with the fabulous Kristin Omdahl

Stitches West

Kristin Omdahl and Yolanda Soto-Lopez

Announcing a CAL Crochet Along Project with the Fabulous Kristin Omdahl

I finally got to meet Kristin Omdahl last year when I attended the Stitches West show in Santa Clara, Ca.  We were introduced thru our mutual friend Zee Pacheco.  I loved her instantly.  Her sense of humor, wit, authenticity and warmth really drew me to her as a friend.  We became quick friends.  Although we live on separate coasts of the USA.  I’m in California and she is in Florida.  Thru the use of technology we were able to grow our friendship.  We have been able to chat thru Facebook and thru Skype (video).  Isn’t Skype great?  It allows you to stay in contact with people while actually seeing them.

We thought it would be fun to work together on a project.  We decided to design an afghan together.  Each of us will be making 3 squares.  Every week we will take turns sharing our square on our YouTube channels and blogs.  Not only will you be able to see the video tutorial for each square but you will then be able to go to our blogs to download the written instructions for each square.

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Easiest Crochet Baby Slippers / Booties Ever!

 Easiest Baby Slippers.. Adjust to your needed size 

These are my easiest baby slippers / booties ever! Theses little slippers / booties are super fast to make and use very little yarn.

I used an acrylic medium weight yarn but the sizes could be adjusted. They work up so quickly you can re-make a new one in a different size if it doesn’t quite fit.

top down view of bootie
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Crochet Ripple Granny Stitch, Fast & Easy

Crochet Ripple Granny Stitch

Today I will share the Crochet Ripple Granny Stitch.  Learning new stitches is always fun.  It’s great to be able to have different designs you can use to create your crochet items.  The granny ripple is an old classic that is ideal for creating blankets, scarfs, afghans, etc.  I have even seen this design used for skirts and ponchos.  I would put the skill level for this pattern at a beginner.  If you can chain and double crochet you should be able to crochet it.  You will just have to remember that there are stitches that will be skipped, meaning you will not work any stitches in those stitches.  (Yes, chains count as stitches in these designs).


Photo of Crochet granny ripple Stitch

Crochet Granny Ripple

The pattern just repeats for as wide and tall as you need.   It can be made in a solid color but I tend to think using at least 2 colors is best although I would recommend at least 2 rows of the same color.  After your two rows you can change colors.   Choose colors you like as well as the type / weight of yarn you prefer.  This pattern makes a really pretty baby blanket with or without a border.   For this sample I used a light blue and pink and worked two repeats.


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Learn to Crochet Cables and jazz up your work

Photo of crochet cables

Basic Crochet Cables

Learn to Crochet Cables

Have you admired crochet cables?  Want to learn to crochet them? Well you are in luck.  Todays post is all able crochet cables.

Are you wanting to take your crochet skills up a little?  One of the many ways to do that is to learn new stitches and techniques.   Cables seem to be a favorite of people.   I must admit that I rarely crochet cables since I knit.  Usually my cable patterns all come from knitting.  However, on occasion I will use a cable to jazz up little sweater or maybe afghan or scarf.   Making cables is a good way to embellish a project.  Here I will show a basic cable but the same techniques would be used for more complicated cables.  This is just a basic cable with only the two strands that twists or criss crosses over itself.   In this post you can learn to crochet basic cables 

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