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Product Review Time- Kristin Omdahl’s new Book and yarn

This is a product review of Kristin Omdahl’s new book “Crochet So Lovely” and her yarn ” Be so Fine”


kristin book

This past weekend I was so blessed to be able to attend Stitches West.  I posted about it here.  The experience was really great and the best part was all the people I got to meet.  It was so nice to finally put a face to these people’s names.  Oh sure, I had seen their videos, read their books etc., but finally meeting someone in person makes it real.   One person who I have long admired is the fabulous Kristin Omdahl.  If you haven’t heard of her she is a fantastic designer.  She designs both knit and crochet items.  I have purchased previous books and have really enjoyed making shawls (I made 3 so far) and so it was a real treat to meet her.   Guess what?  She is as nice and gracious in person.   You see Kristin has always been my friend…. let me explain what I mean by that… She has been my friend in my head only, hahaha.  I’m sure we all have those people we think if we met we would be friends.   I’m so happy to report that yes, now I think we will be friends.

Anyway, back to the review.  Kristin Omdahl had a booth at Stitches West 2015 held in Santa Clara, California.  Her booth was so serene and lovely.   What I really liked about her booth was that she had displayed finished garments to give you an idea of what could be made with the yarn.   She sells her yarn which is 100% bamboo.  It is spun, milled and hand dyed right here in the USA.   She had the yarn organized in little bags.  Either silver or gold bags.  Depending on which bag you chose that yarn would be enough to complete the projects that were displayed above them.  Silver would give you enough to complete shawls and other items and the gold bags had enough for smaller items such as cowls. The colors were so rich and luscious.  The yarn is super soft.   Kristin has personally selected each yarn color and type to ensure they meet her strict standards.  I would totally recommend this yarn.    I purchased the Amyethst.  If you follow me on youtube and facebook you will know that my favorite colors is Purple (and shades of purple) and Pink (and shades of pink, including Magenta).  I would have bought the bag just for the yarn but she also included along with the yarn a little package of “wrapture” which is her no rinse delicate wash.  The fragrance is jasmine.  With the purchase she also includes a pattern e-book which normally retails for $6.99.   You can find instructions (and coupon) code for download on the back of the label.  She also includes washing instructions on the label.  To purchase yarn you can either go to her site  (lots of other goodies available on the site) Click here for yarn purchase.     She also has an etsy store  Kristin’s Etsy store where she also sells the yarn and project bags.  (P.S.- the project bags are made with fabric that has the drawings/art done by Kristin).

Not only was she selling her yarns,project bags and other goodies  she also had her new book available for purchase.  The title of the book is “Crochet so Lovely”.   It retails for $24.99 which is a great value when you consider it contains instructions, diagrams and photos for 21 beautiful lace designs.   That’s just a little over $1 per pattern.  That’s a bargain.  The book has very clear easy to understand written instructions along with diagrams and beautiful color photos.  If you purchase thru her etsy store she will sign each copy and ship internationally.  The book isn’t available in the UK yet thru amazon so this is a great way to order and get a signed book.

I highly recommend both the book and the yarn.  This is quality stuff and I love to share with everyone when I find a good deal and good products.   Please visit her sites and take a look at all of the goodies.  I’m sure you are going to love them.

Once again her are the links:     Etsy store                Styledbykristin Website    


kristin yarn label


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Stitches West 2015

Stitches West 2015 – What a Blast!

I was so blessed to be able to attend the annual Stitches West in Santa Clara, Ca.  last weekend.  The location is about 45 minutes south of San Francisco, California.   This is a super yarn event sponsored by Knitting Universe.   The event was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center right across the street from the new Levi Stadium where the SF 49ers play.    The event was a bit overwhelming.  Walking into the Market Place you can see yarn as far as the eye can see.
Vendors came from all over the USA and some even from other countries like the land down under, Australia.  Every type of yarn imaginable was on display from Acrylic blends, wools, bamboo, silk, alpaca, etc.  It was a fiber lovers dream.  I felt like the mothership was calling me home.  : )   In all seriousness it was a great event.  Not only are you able to see and purchase some of the most exquisite yarns but there are tons of other knitting and crocheting items available for purchase.  There were over 300 vendors present.    Stitches West 2015 was a great experience.


I was also able to meet some of the people I admire and follow on social media such as the awesome Kristen Omdahl and guess what she is as nice, awesome and gracious in person as she is in her videos.  I have become an even greater fan.  She was there with her new yarn line.  She has personally selected the yarn (100% bamboo) which is some of the softest I have ever felt.  She also has a new book which I immediately purchased.  It’s a really great value.  You get 21 beautiful patterns for only $24.99.   Her yarn was a great value as well since you get the kit (2 different types) which has enough yarn to allow you to make a project, plus a purchase gives you access to great patterns to use with your new yarn.  I purchased the kit as well and will be doing a video review of her products.  Here is the link for her website  Click Here  I highly recommend them.  I also got to meet Edie Eckman another designer I have long admired, among other great fun people.   Check out the photo I took with a lady wearing her own Turkey Head creation.     You could also purchase kits that had already been prepared with the pattern and all the supplies needed to complete the project.  I thought that was really handy.



Many of the vendor display finished garments showing their yarn.  The garments were exclusive.  I only wish there were more crochet items.  The event is sponsored by Knitting Universe so it makes sense that it attracts more knitters than crochet fans.   Now I wish I had more time to make every single garment.  There were spinning wheels for sale as well as spinning demonstrations.  Jumbo Yarn winders which I purchased that can handle up to a pounds of yarn.. woohoo.  I bought one of course.   Here are some photos.   After the event we took a day trip to San Francisco.  We took the harbor cruise around SF Bay and around Alcatraz prison.  We got to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge which was such a trip.  It was a little nippy but we enjoyed it.

Below you will find a collage I made of some of the great products available at Stitches West 2015

   stitcheswest yarn

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Glass Mosaic Tile Mirror Frame – Home Decor

Home Decor Ideas – DIY Projects


Home Decor - DIY

Mosaic Glass Tile Mirror – Home Decor

 Do you want a chance to win this little mirror? Simple become a member of this site and write a comment below. Winner for various items will be chosen twice a week.

I love glass tiles especially for Home Decor.   Since the first time I saw it I fell in love.  The other day while browsing at my local Pier1 store I saw some frames that had glass mosaic tiles around the frame edges.  I thought they were gorgeous the only problem was the $24.99 price tag for a small 5×7 frame.  It did however inspire me to find a more economical way to make my own.   Home Decor shouldn’t have to be expensive.  I mean who doesn’t want home to look like something out of a HGTV magazine shoot.  Even Martha Stewart would love this idea.

I took a trip to my local Home Depot store and found lots of beautiful glass tiles.  A 12×12 square costs $14.99 and is enough to make several projects. (Depending on the size of your finished item).   I chose to purchase a 12×12 inch square.  It was already put together with small color squares glued onto a mesh background.  This is idea since I wouldn’t need to use a tile saw to cut the pieces.  If you use a different shape tile you may need to use a tile saw to cut.. who needs that headache.  Besides high powered saws freak me out.    I went to my local dollar store and was lucky enough to find a plain mirror.  Bingo!  I had an idea.    Here is what I did.    This can also work with a plain picture frame as well.  You are only limited by your imagination.  I’m making one with little stones next.  I love to decorate my home and these easy home decor ideas are sure to be a winner.   These would be great to make for use when staging a home for sale.

Materials needed:

E600 glue                                                        Mirror (or plain picture frame)

Mosaic glass tiles                                           X-acto knife or blade to cut tile strips

(or tile of your choice)

 DIY – Home Decor –  Instructions:

Step one:  Clean the surface or your mirror or frame  and let dry completely

Step two:  Cut out your strips.  I used a strip with 2 rows but you can do one row. Trim off excess mesh from edges.

Step 3:  Dry fit your strips and trim off excess tiles

Step 4:  Glue tile strips using E600 glue.  (Please use E600 glue only in a well ventilated area).  Let dry overnight

Step 5:   Hang and Enjoy!

That’s it, I told you Home Decor using Mosaic Glass tiles doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.  What other uses can you find for these beautiful glass tiles?

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Easy Paper Rose – ( Paper Crafts – Scrapbooking – Paper Quilling)

Paper Crafts (paper quilling) / Scrapbooking  can be so much fun!


IMG_3673 copy

Paper Crafts/ Scrapbooking

I have been seeing these pretty flowers everywhere.  In fact my sister Laura made several beautiful wreaths with this little beauties.  Of course hers came out so much better (Arrghhh!)  The thing I love about these is that you are only limited by your creativity.  You can choose whatever colors or paper backgrounds you like.  I have even seen them made out of colorful magazine pages and music sheet paper.   Whichever paper you choose they seem to always turn out great.    Once complete you can glue these flowers onto picture frames, little cards, wreaths, etc.  They are great for Scrapbooking and general Paper Crafts.

Paper craft (paper quilling) /scrapbooking DIY Instructions:

1. – Find a paper of your choice.  Even construction paper works great.

2. –  I like to trace a circle (to help keep me in place) but this is optional

3. – Draw a swirl inside the circle.  Try to keep your swirls as even as possible.  You can see mine aren’t exactly even but it still worked.

4.)  Cut out your paper rose flower.  I used a curving line but you can make it a straight line if you like.

5.)  Use something small to help you start rolling up the paper.  I used a toothpick.  Once you get it going you won’t need the toothpick anymore.  NOTE:  Before I start rolling it up I added a little dab of glue to help keep the center in place.

6)  Add a dab of glue to the back of flower and attach to a surface.   Enjoy!

That is all there is to it.  See how easy it is to make this  Easy Paper Rose.  Your scrapbooking and paper crafts will never be the same.   : )


PicMonkey Collage

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