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Label your WIP’s (works in progress) and never be confused again.

Don’t you hate it when you’re going thru you stash of unfinished projects (or as I like to call them UFO’s – Unfinished objects) and you can’t remember what hook you used?   Or maybe you can’t recall the dye lot.  Whatever it is this is a quick method for labeling your items and never being confused again.  

1.)  Take an index card, fold in 4 parts and cut  (see photos)

2)  Write down information needed to complete project such as hook/needle size, Brand or yarn, color, dye lot or other special instructions on the card.  (see photo) 
3)  Get a piece of yarn (or crochet thread)  about 10 inches long and thread thru a sharp pointed needle 
4)  Sew thru label 
5)  With crochet hook pull yarn thru crochet project. 
6)  Make a knot at the end of your yarn and wrap label thru yarn loop 
Now you’re all done.  No more confusion when you go back to complete your project.  Whether it’s tomorrow or next year.    
If you prefer a video tutorial check out the link below: 

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Technical issues

So sorry I haven’t been able to post.  There is a technical issue with my blog and I’m trying to get it resolved.  I am no longer able to post links to my youtube video tutorials.  Hopefully, the problem will be resolved soon.

Thank you for your patience.


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Crochet Summer Baby Hats

Crochet Baby Hats are on my hook.  The weather is warming up and it’s time to get ready.  I am preparing by crocheting these cute little baby hats.  This hat fits babies up to 1 year (depending on baby of course).  Crocheting baby hats is fast and fun.  These baby hats are  easy to make and use simple single crochet stitches.  The smaller brim is ideal for baby boys.  Embellish with flowers, birdies, etc., or leave plain.  Using cotton yarn makes this hat cooler to wear in hot days as the fabric can breathe.  Using a sc stitch ensures better protection from sun for baby.  If you are making for a baby girl you can always add  a scalloped edge.

Crochet Summer Baby Hat

Crochet Baby Hat

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Easy Pom Pom Rug

Looking for a fun project that requires no sewing, knitting or crochet skills.  Here is a craft project for you. Make this cute rug.  Perfect for baby’s room.  It is made up of pom poms.  Get the kids to help you make your pom poms and make it a family project.   This is very easy to do.   (I am demonstrating on a mini square for the sake of time and convenience)

Materials needed:

Pom Pom maker  (I used clover, use whichever you have)
Plenty of Medium weight yarn  (If using in bathroom I suggest cotton yarn)
Backing material.  I used the plastic non-slip backing material used for rugs.  This is sold by the yard in the Home Decor fabric section.  I bought 54″x36″ for $5.00

I purchased all my materials at Joann’s but you can find them in other stores as well.

1.  Cut out your plastic backing fabric to desired size of your rug.

2.  Make your pom poms 
3.  Attach your poms poms to your fabric lining.  (Bumpy side goes towards the floor, attach your pom poms to flat side)
4.  Continue to add needed pom poms.   I usually start in the middle and work my way out.   
5.  Trim the yarn tails and any extra plastic materials and you are ready to enjoy. 
Do you prefer a video tutorial?   Click on the video below.  
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Spring has Sprung! Time to use up your scraps of Yarn

Spring has sprung and the time for outside activities is here.   How about using up your scraps of yarn by crocheting these cute birds.  They are perfect for embellishing hats, scarfs, bags, blankets, etc.    Super fun and easy to make.   Here’s how:   
These can be made with any hook size, just be sure hook size is appropriate for yarn selected.
Choice of your own colors.    Head , body  and wings can be made different colors.  All the birds in the photo were made using the same size hook  I/9 5.5mm   and just using different weight yarn.  
To   begin:   Ch 6
Row 1:   sc in 2ndch from hook, hdc, dc, trc, 4 dc in last ch, (working on opposite side of row) trc, dc, hdc, sc, sl st into 1st st
Row 2: ch 3, dc into same ch, 2dc in ea ch, sl st into top of 3rd ch
Tail:  starting where you left off in round 2,
Row 1: ch 3, dc in same ch, 2 dc in next ch
Row 2: ch 3, turn work, dc in next 2 ch, dc on top of 3rdch,  fasten off, weave in tail
Counting from dc where tail ends  Count 8 dc,  attach yarn
Row 1:  ch 3, 9 dc in next ch, sl st into next ch, fasten off, weave in tail
Wing:   Row 1:   sc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc, dc, trc, 4 dc in last ch, (working on opposite side of row) trc, dc, hdc, sc, sl st into 1stst
Beak:  on top of 6th dc of head, attach yarn
Row 1:  ch 1, dc in next ch, fasten off,  weave in tails
Eye:     (black yarn)   leave a tail about 4 inches,  make a French knot,  cut  tail with tail of about 4 inches
Pull yarn ends on either end of a dc post in birds head.   (see photo) tie on back of birds head
Sew wing onto bird using the ridge of round 1 as a guide.  You can sew the wing flat of leave the partly unsewn for a 3D effect.  Sew along edge.  
You can use your birds to embellish hats, scarfs, blankets, bags, etc.    Enjoy! 
Prefer a video tutorial?  Click on the video link below.

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