Are You Ready for the Summer? Baby will be in this Crochet Baby Bikini Top!

front bikini

I love summer.  The sunshine and all the outdoor activities.  Although to be quite honest I live in San Diego, California.   There is a reason why it’s called “America’s Finest City”.   We have sunshine most of the year with temperatures that average around 72 degrees.   Outdoor living is a big draw to living here.  Unfortunately, the high housing prices are a down side of all this beautiful weather.

I have had many requests to make a bikini top for the Mermaid tail photo prop that I made a while back.  Here it is… finally!  Yup, life got in the way but with summer around the corner now was the time to get this little bikini top made.  I used acrylic since it will be used for a photo prop (with the mermaid tail).  If your baby will be getting wet in this than I recommend a cotton yarn.

Hook Size F (3.75mm)

Medium weight cotton yarn

To begin:  chain 6 (first 3 chains count as 1st dc)

Row 1:  dc in 4th ch from hook, dc again into same ch, 3dc in next ch, 2dc in last ch

Row 2: ch 2, fpdc into each st across row, last st dc into 3rd ch of previous row

Row 3: ch 2, *fpdc into next st, dc in next space between posts,* rep from * to * 3 more times, fpdc, dc in to 2nd ch

Row 4: ch 2, *bpdc into next st, dc in next space between posts,* rep from * to * 3 more times, bpdc, dc into 2nd ch

Row 4: ch 1, *hdc into next st, sl st into next st*,  rep from * to * thru out row, fasten off.. sew in tail

Working on bottom half of first 3 chains attach yarn to first st and chain 2

Row 1:  3dc into same st as joining st, 2dc into next ch, [3 dc into last ch, ch 2, sl st ] all in same st (last ch).. fasten off and sew in tails.

Make 3 strings:  Measure around child’s chest.  Now make a chain long enough to go around chest and to tie into a bow.    I chained 120 chains for my chest string.    Now measure from the top of the shell around back (or around neck) to make sure you can tie into a bow behind neck of back.  I made 2 strings of 60 chains each.

Weave the long chest string thru row 1 of the shells.  Weave each of  short strings thru 4th row of shell of each shell  (See photo below)


Weave one 60″ string around row 4 (center) of each shell and tie in back.  (You can tie it 2 ways)

back collage








Now you’re ready to wear.   Do you prefer a video tutorial?   Click on the video below.  Enjoy!

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