The Best Ever Easter Egg Covers are easy to Crochet

You can have the best ever Easter Egg Hunt by crocheting these cute Easter Egg Covers.  They are so fun and easy to make.  Can you imagine your little one finding one of these fun little chicks and then realizing they hold a plastic egg full of goodies?  Kids of all ages will love them.

I had been knitting some of these cute Easter Egg Covers from a knitting pattern from my friend and knitting teacher Karalyn Rainey.  I posted a few pictures on my facebook page.  (By the way, go and follow me there)  I started getting requests to make a crochet version.  Of course, I wanted it to be fast and easy to make.

Crochet Chick Easter Egg Covers

Easy Crochet Chick Easter Egg Covers

I purchased plastic eggs from my local store.  I also purchased a variety of Easter candy to fill my plastic eggs with, however, a Cadbury Creme eggs (the ones that are wrapped in foil), fit into the chicks.  

You can choose either option.  Make sure you only put in candy that is already wrapped to protect your crochet Easter Egg Cover.   (Continued on next page).

This chick Easter Egg Cover is crocheted in one flat panel.  After you finish you piece you will then gather the top of the head of the chick and pull shut.  The last step is to sew up along the back of the chick and of course stuff the head with some fiber fill.

For those who perfect a video tutorial I have uploaded one to my YouTube channel.  Click on the link below to watch.


Supplies we will need for Easter Egg Covers:

Some small amounts of Yellow medium weight yarn.   (I used RedHeart Super Saver in Pale Yellow)

Small scraps of Black yarn (eyes) orange for beak, and a color of your choice for neck drawstring

Crochet Hook 5mm (H size)


small amounts of poly-fiber fill

3 stitch markers

yarn needle


ch = chain

ea = each

st = stitch

sc = single crochet

ws = sewing whip stitch

sc2tog = single crochet 2 together (decrease)

Written pattern

To begin: chain 22, sc in each ch beginning in 2nd chain from hook. (Please note, the loop on your crochet hook does not count as a chain).

Row 2- 3:  ch 1, turn work, sc in ea ch

Row 4 – 7:  ch 1, turn work, sc, sc2tog, sc in ea st to 2nd to last st, sc2tog in 2nd to last st, sc in last st.  Fasten off after last row.

Put a stitch marker into the 8th stitch from each end. You will leave the 8 stitches on each end unworked.

Row 8:  join work on right side of piece into the 1st stitch AFTER the stitch marker.  sc into ea st until you reach the st before the stitch marker, this will be the last stitch of this row.   You can now remove your stitch markers.

Now we will add our draw string.  Take about 20 inches of a string of medium weight yarn in your choice of color.  Thread it thru your yarn needle, be sure to start on the Right side of your work and end in the right side of your work.   You will work your yarn in and out (around the post only) of row 8.  This will be used as the drawstring of your Easter Egg covers neck.

Row 9:  chain 1, turn work, sc into each stitch (make sure you don’t catch the drawstring yarn).

Row 10-11:  ch 1, turn work, sc, sc2tog, sc in ea st to 2nd to last st, sc2tog in 2nd to last st, sc in last st.

Row 12:  ch 1, turn work, sc in ea st

Row 13:  ch 1, turn work, sc in next st, *sc2tog, sc in next 2 st*, rep from * thru out row, sc2tog, sc in last st, fast off leaving a long tail about 16 inches.  This tail will be used to gather the top of the head shut and to sew along the edges to close up your Easter Egg Covers.

To add facial features: 

With the right side of work add stitch marker to stitch 7 on the 10th row of your work (beak) .

Now add 1 stitch marker on Stitch 5 of row 11 (right eye)   Add another stitch marker on stitch 9 on row 11 (left eye).   (Here I used 2 pieces of black yarn to mark my stitch).  

If you prefer you can use black plastic safety eyes for this Easter Egg Cover.  I embroidered eyes since I didn’t know what age this would be used for and I wanted to be careful about possible choking hazards.

You can add your beak with a yarn needle and embroidering it or you can use your crochet hook as I did.

Working on the right side of the work.   Insert your crochet hook on the right side of the stitch marker (into the space between the stitches)  

Pull your orange yarn from behind your work to the front, now insert your hook into the space on the left of your stitch (into the space between the stitch), and pull out some orange yarn, now work a slip stitch into the loop that was already on your hook.  

Go back into the same space and pull out more yarn and do another slip stitch.  Now you will twist your work upside down and go into the space where you first brought your yarn out.  Pull out yarn and complete your slip stitch.    Now pull your yarn to create a large loop.  

Take your crochet hook out and pull the loop to the back of your work, and fasten off.   (Beak done)    This is demonstrated on the YouTUbe video tutorial.

Now you will go and thread your yarn needle with black thread.  And work french knots into the spaces with your eye stitch markers.

Finishing your Easter Egg Covers: 

Take the tail your had from your last row.  Thread your yellow thread onto your yarn needle.  You will now work the needle in and out of the spaces in between the stitches of your last row.   Pull shut (this will gather and shut the head of your chick.  Now sew along the back edges of the head, and back of chick.   Sew in your tails.

You can now stuff the head of your Chick Easter Egg Cover.   Pull color yarn (drawstring) and make a knot.  Wrap to the front of the chick and make a bow.    

You can now insert your plastic easter egg into the body of the chick.  I usually insert the narrow side towards the back of the cover.  Please be sure to share this post with your friends.  Sharing is caring.  Enjoy!


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Easter Egg Cover
Learn to crochet these cute Easter Egg Cover


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