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List of Crochet and Knitting Resources

List of Crochet and Knitting Resources

Finding crochet and knitting resources doesn’t have to be difficult.  There are many great places you can turn to for help.   When you have a question or are in doubt about a stitch, technique or other tips help can be as easy as a mouse click away.   There are of course many paid resources and free resources.  Which you choose will depend on the scope of help you need and of course your budget.

Crochet hooks and knitting needles

Crochet Hook and Knitting Needles

Here is a list of some Crochet and Knitting Resources:

Craft Yarn Council  –  This is one of my go to sites when I am searching for information.  They are a great resources for information on anything to do with yarn.  Weights, standards, stitch abbreviations.  Their site is well laid out and easy to navigate.

Crochet Guild of America –   The Crochet Guild of America.  This Guild was established in 1974.  This guild charges a low yearly membership and the membership also includes a subscriber to Crochet Magazine.  The Guild has 2 major conferences each year.  This is a great place to take some in-person classes from qualified instructors.  They also sponsor a yearly design competition.  If there isn’t a local chapter  near you that would be a great opportunity for you to start your own local chapter.

The Knitting Guild Association –   Just like the Guild for Crocheters there is a Guild for Knitters.   The membership to this Guild also includes a membership for their Cast On magazine.  Belonging to a Guild is a great way to build friendships and grow your skills.

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