Easy Pom Pom Rug

Looking for a fun project that requires no sewing, knitting or crochet skills.  Here is a craft project for you. Make this cute rug.  Perfect for baby’s room.  It is made up of pom poms.  Get the kids to help you make your pom poms and make it a family project.   This is very easy to do.   (I am demonstrating on a mini square for the sake of time and convenience)

Materials needed:

Pom Pom maker  (I used clover, use whichever you have)
Plenty of Medium weight yarn  (If using in bathroom I suggest cotton yarn)
Backing material.  I used the plastic non-slip backing material used for rugs.  This is sold by the yard in the Home Decor fabric section.  I bought 54″x36″ for $5.00

I purchased all my materials at Joann’s but you can find them in other stores as well.

1.  Cut out your plastic backing fabric to desired size of your rug.

2.  Make your pom poms 
3.  Attach your poms poms to your fabric lining.  (Bumpy side goes towards the floor, attach your pom poms to flat side)
4.  Continue to add needed pom poms.   I usually start in the middle and work my way out.   
5.  Trim the yarn tails and any extra plastic materials and you are ready to enjoy. 
Do you prefer a video tutorial?   Click on the video below.  

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