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Method 1




Method 2

Do you struggle with keeping the edges of your work straight?  In this post i will show you how you can #Crochet straight edges/rows.  Meaning, your stitch count will be consistent thru out your work.  For example if your first row calls for 20 stitches and you need to repeat until you have 10 rows (or whatever number)  Your first row and 10th row will all have the same number of stitches.

There are 2 ways that I usually use but I’m sure there are others.  The first method (my preferred) is as follows:

After completing your required number of chains for your foundation row, I crochet the extra needed chains to turn my work.  Usually for a dc I crochet 3 more chains and begin my first dc into the 4th chain from the hook.  (See photo below).   These 3 chains will count as the first stitch of the row in this case a dc.  Then I will complete 1 dc in each chain across the row.   Now to go up to my next row I will chain 3.  These 3 chains will count as your first dc of row 2.

3chains       IMG_3832


Now your first stitch of the row will be in the next stitch.  (See photos below)

IMG_3833         IMG_3834

Now you will do 1 stitch (or whatever number called for in your pattern) across the row.   Your last stitch for the row will go INTO the top of the 3rd ch. (see photo below.)   To move up to your next row you will just chain which number is required for the following row.

IMG_3835       IMG_3837

For Method 2 we will begin our first dc stitch into the same stitch as when you chained 3.  (It will look like an increase).  Then you continue doing your dc (or whatever stitch) as called for in your pattern (see photos)

IMG_3838     IMG_3839

Now you will finish doing your stitches across your rows.   The last stitch goes over the top of the previous rows dc post.  You will NOT be working into the top of the 3rd chain since that stitch was completed in the beginning of the row.


Both methods will give you even stitch count.   Any weird shape will be minimized when you add a border.   This is a way that I keep my #Crochet Edges straight / even.


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