How to put in a lining for your Crochet Bag

Photo of Lining in Crochet bag

Lined Crochet Bag

Learn how to sew a Lining to your Crochet Bag 

In this post I will show you how to sew a Lining to your crochet bag.   Follow these steps to line your bag.  You will need about 1 1/2 yards of fabric.  Please note, this lining fabric will show thru your granny squares so be sure to get a color you like and that coordinates with your bag colors.  For best results please block your Granny Squares BEFORE sewing on the lining.

You can purchase your fabric at your local fabric store.  I purchased my white fabric at Joann Craft and Fabric Store.    Hobby Lobby also have a a nice selection of fabrics.

Instructions to Sew a lining to your crochet bag:

Step 1.  Cut out 6 squares measuring 19 inches square.

Step 2: If you want an inner bag for things like wallet, sun glasses, keys, etc.  Cut out 1 rectangle measuring 5 x 9 inches.   Set aside.

Step 3: Sew 2 of your squares together.  Repeat with 2 more squares

Step 4:  Now take one of your squares and sew to stop of your other 2 sewn squares as shown below.  Repeat with your piece (you should have 2 pieces that look like this).

Step 5:  Fold your fabric piece.  Sew one edge.  Next sew the other edge.  (Repeat for other piece)  You should have 2 pieces like this.

Step 6:   Sew your rectangle (fold down edges) onto one of your pieces.  It should be sewn to the right side of fabric.  Sew photo below.
Step 7:  Put one piece inside the other.  Ride sides should be facing each other.  Leave a space of about 6 inches without sewing to turn it right side out.  Sew along upper edge.
Turn inside out, with side with pocket towards inside of bag.   Press top edge, pin to inside of bag  and sew lining to Crochet bag.
If you prefer to see a video tutorial I have uploaded a free YouTube Video tutorial.  The link is on the next page.   Enjoy




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