List of Crochet and Knitting Resources

List of Crochet and Knitting Resources

Finding crochet and knitting resources doesn’t have to be difficult.  There are many great places you can turn to for help.   When you have a question or are in doubt about a stitch, technique or other tips help can be as easy as a mouse click away.   There are of course many paid resources and free resources.  Which you choose will depend on the scope of help you need and of course your budget.

Crochet hooks and knitting needles

Crochet Hook and Knitting Needles

Here is a list of some Crochet and Knitting Resources:

Craft Yarn Council  –  This is one of my go to sites when I am searching for information.  They are a great resources for information on anything to do with yarn.  Weights, standards, stitch abbreviations.  Their site is well laid out and easy to navigate.

Crochet Guild of America –   The Crochet Guild of America.  This Guild was established in 1974.  This guild charges a low yearly membership and the membership also includes a subscriber to Crochet Magazine.  The Guild has 2 major conferences each year.  This is a great place to take some in-person classes from qualified instructors.  They also sponsor a yearly design competition.  If there isn’t a local chapter  near you that would be a great opportunity for you to start your own local chapter.

The Knitting Guild Association –   Just like the Guild for Crocheters there is a Guild for Knitters.   The membership to this Guild also includes a membership for their Cast On magazine.  Belonging to a Guild is a great way to build friendships and grow your skills.

Crochet and Knitting Resources – (Continued)

Google –  It might seem obvious but Google search is a great way to find resources.  Everything from patterns, videos, craft fair directories, etc.   Google is a treasure trove of information.  I remember the days when we had to go to the library and research to be able to find the type of information we can now have access to with a simple web search.

Facebook Groups –   Facebook groups can be a great way to find help and build on-line communities.  There are groups for just about every type of interests.   If you are not happy with a group then you can move on and find one that better fits your style.  Be warned some groups can be full of drama.  However, overall I find that many facebook group members are helpful and will help with questions you might have.  I always recommend you do a google search first before asking a question.  More than likely you will be able to find the answer even before needing to post.  Facebook groups are also a good way to find photos that may provide inspiration for you.

Facebook Fan Pages –  OK, here is another way to find some great info.  You can become a fan of your favorite crafters.  I will insert a shameless plug for my own fan page here but there are lots of other great Pages out there.  Here are a few in no particular order and by means ac complete list.  It would be impossible to list every page on Facebook.  I have also included links to their blogs when available:

All Crafts Channel FB Fan Page–  This is my page.  Please check it out and like the page.  Every “like” helps to encourage me to keep going .

The Crochet Crowd FB Fan Page –  This fan page is run by Mikey of The Crochet Crowd.  It is packed full of info and lots of inspiration.


RepeatCrafterMe FB Fan Page –  This page is run by Sarah Zimmerman.  Sarah is a crochet designer.  She has lots of pretty designs.  She is a great source for inspiration.  On her blog she also shares crock pot recipes.  I think this is a great idea for busy people.   Blog:

ErikaCreative FB Fan Page –  Erika Lopez (no relation) is the creator behind this page.  It is written in Spanish.  Erika specializes in projects that combine soda tabs and crochet.  She makes some of the most amazing bags, belts and other items.  Blog:

 Moogly –  This fan page is run by Tamra Kelly.  She has lots of helpful tips and shares lots of fun projects.   Blog:

VeryPink  –  This is a knitting page run by Staci Perry.  Staci shares lots of tip, projects and giveaways.  Staci is an accomplished knitter.  I hope to knit like her when I grow up.  : )    Blog:

GoodKnitKisses –  This page is run by Kristen Magnus.  Kristen specializes in loom knitting.  Loom knitting is a fun alternative to those who are intimidated by traditional knitting techniques.  She has many designs and has recently published a book.  Her blog:

KnittingDaily –  This page is full of so much inspiration.  Lots of great photos, links to patterns.  It is sponsored by Interweave.


YouTube –  Let’s not forget one of the most helpful resources out there;  YouTube.  YouTube has so many helpful channels.  If you want to learn something it seems like YouTube will have a video for you.  From learning to crochet, knit, sew or even repair your washing machine there is a YouTube video to teach you how.   Of course I love YouTube.  It is my favorite platform.  I love making videos.   I try to upload a new video every week although it is not always possible.

Many of the same people whose Facebook fan pages I recommended also have excellent YouTube channels.  I think of course we have to mention people like

Teresa Richardson of Crochet Geek   (Crochet)

Mikey of Crochet Crowd,  (crochet and a few knitting)

Clare Sullivan or BobWilson123  (crochet)

 Erika Lopez of ErikaCreativa (crochet and recycling)

Staci Perry of VeryPinkKnits  (knitting)

Rosa y Celia de Tejiendo En Peru  – (Spanish language.. excellent Crochet and Knitting Video)

Paid Classes / Courses –   There are tons of places to get more advanced or technique specific courses.  There are many places that offer monthly membership subscriptions and others where you can just pay for each individual course.    Each site has different payment options and guarantee.  Be sure to read all the policies regarding refunds and guarantees prior to purchasing.  Here are some of the more popular sites:

CreativeLive –  CreativeLive has a variety of courses that are not just limited to crafts but also include business, photography, and many other subjects.  Courses are purchased individually and once you purchase the course you will have immediate access.  They also offer some courses free if you watch them when they first debut.  However since that isn’t always possible or you may want to review purchasing the course is helpful.  Usually if you purchase on the first day during the debut showing you can get a discounted price.

CreativeBug–  CreativeBug has now turned into a membership site.  You pay a monthly membership site and this entitles you to watch all courses offered on the platform.  These include may genres such as knitting, crochet, sewing, crafts, etc

Udemy –  Udemy is a site where you purchase individual courses.  Some are from lesser known instructors so some cautious should be taken when purchasing course.

Craftsy –  Craftsy offers a variety of courses.  Once you purchase your course you will have immediate access.  There are also sales on courses so it might be a good idea to keep following up on courses you want to take.

AnniesCatalog –  Annie’s has a good variety of classes.  Upon payment you will have immediately access.  They have great instructors.

Many individual creators/ designers also offer their own courses and they may advertise thru their Facebook Fan pages, Instagram or blogs.

These are just a few of the resources available to crocheters and knitters.  There are just way too many to mention.  I’m sure I have missed many.  Get on google and search for what you are looking for and you will have plenty of results.    Please be sure to visit these sites and let me know what you think.  Have a great day!


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