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A special Thank you for blog members –

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Today I wanted to show my appreciation for members of my blog.  The fact that you took time out to read my blog and then become a member is awesome.  I really appreciate every one of you.  To show some love to you I am giving away my Crochet Flower Shawl pattern free.  This pattern normally retails for $5.50 in my Ravelry store.

Becoming a member is fast and easy.  It’s free and all you need to do is submit your e-mail.  Don’t worry your information will not be shared or sold to anyone else.  It is simply used to send you notifications of new posts, announce giveaways, or hopefully soon receive my monthly Newsletter.   It’s still not too late to receive this pattern.  Just fill in the info to become a member.   You will receive an email with the information needed to get your free pattern today.

Thank you once again to all my blog members, You Rock!

If you want the pattern but do not wish to become a member it can be purchased here:   Crochet Shawl Pattern 

Happy Hooking!


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It’s Hat Monday! Well, it’s a Headband but I think you’ll like it

my blue headband front     my headband side


Ok, so it’s not exactly a hat but I think it qualifies for Hat Monday since it’s worn on your head.  (Did you see how I snuck this in?)

This headband is so fun and easy to make.  You will be using medium weight yarn and a size J/10  6.00 mm crochet hook.  What I love about this headband is that it’s a great way to use up your scraps and it’s a beginner level project.  If you can chain, half double crochet, double crochet and sew a simple seam you can make this.    I think making these in your favorite team colors is a great alternative to a hat.. and no more hat head : )

If you would like to purchase the written pattern (English only)  It is available here at my Ravelry store.

As always the YouTube Video tutorial is free and you can click Here to view it.

I hope you enjoy today’s Hat Monday project.  Happy Crocheting!   Yolanda

Would you like a chance to win this headband?  Just become a member of this blog and leave a comment below.  Winner will be selected randomly.



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New way to Yarn-Bomb.. well not exactly but totally Fun


Have you seen all those photos of yarn bombing?  I think it’s such a fun idea.  However since I am limited in my time I decided to do my own version.  I call it my “Project in a bag”   What I am doing is going around my city and other cities as I travel and hanging up these little bags.  They contain 1 of my printed patterns, 1 plastic crochet hook (in the size needed for the project) and 1 skein of yarn.  I am only choosing projects/patterns that use only 1 skein of yarn.  The supplies have been purchased by me and are not sponsored by any company so you will have different brand yarns in the bags.   I am also attaching my business card with a note on back that reads, “You found my gift.  Enjoy it!”  .

I left one of my little bags at a local park (they are in plastic to protect from water) and waited in the car to see if anyone would find it.  A lady walking her dog found it within five minutes.   She took it off the fence read the note and smiled ear to ear.  Her friend then read the note too.  They did a high five and left smiling ear to ear.  I love spreading yarn happiness.  : )

Be on the look out you may just find one of my bags in a town where you live. If you would like to enter for a chance to win one of my bags. (I will be giving away 10) then please do the following;   1) Become a member of this blog and 2) Leave a comment. Winner will be chosen in 2 weeks. The giveaway is open worldwide.  I know this isn’t the regular way to yarn bomb but I want to spread yarn happiness all around me.   Good luck.  

UPDATE:  Winners have been selected and notified

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Introducing Flower Friday! Flower #1

I don’t know about you but I love flowers.  I thought it would be fun to do Flower Friday posts.  (Ok, at least until I fun out of flowers to post, hey just keeping it real here.)

Here is one of my favorite little flowers.   It’s flower #1 in the series.   It’s fast and easy to do.  You can use any size hook or yarn type.  It’s a great way to use up all your yarn scraps.   Please be sure to share this post with your friends.  Also, leave me a comment to let me know what other types of flowers you want to see.   Happy Crocheting!

Instructions:  Any yarn or hook (appropriate to yarn weight)

To begin:  Chain  15 (loosely)

Row 1: dc into 3rd chain from hook, 4dc into same st, 5dc into each chain to end of row

Roll strip into the same of a rose (see photo below).. now sew edge.    Now you can use these flowers to embellish hats, scarfs, etc.   Enjoy!

If you are a visual learner here is a video for you to enjoy.   Be sure to Subscribe to my channel and that way you will never miss a new video.



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Celebrate Earth Day! – Easy to make Seed Pods



Today is Earth Day!  A day to remember how great the earth is to us and to do something to help make it a better place.  Each year I like to do something to celebrate earth day.  Last year I made re-usable market bags.  This year I wanted to do something that incorporates recycling into the project.  I love to garden and sometimes organizing your seeds and plantings can get confusing.  I also wanted to make a project that would be ideal for children and busy people to use.   My solution involves recycling and fun.  A winning combination.   These little seed pods make great Earth Day gifts.

I have seen seed pods for sale at Home Depot for about $1.50 each and I decided to make my own.  My mother had been saving the toilet paper carton rolls for me and here is how I used them in this project.  I love how my mother helps me in so many ways.  She collects all kinds of stuff for me and never even asks me what I need them for.. Big shout out to my mom.


Empty toilet paper carton

Seed Starting Soil.

Scissors (affiliate link)

Felt tip marker (DO NOT use a regular pen it will tear the tissue paper).

Seeds of your choice

Tissue paper

White tacky glue . (affiliate link)

Seed Pod Collage

To begin gather your supplies. Now you will be cutting one toilet paper roll into 3 equal parts. (Check your seed package to check the depth the seeds need to be planted.) Next you will cut a piece of paper to cover bottom and top of roll. (See collage). Put a line of glue around the roll. Place your tissue paper over the bottom of the roll and secure in place. Fill your roll with potting mixture (seed starting mix). Add your seeds. I usually put 3 or 4 once they begin to grow you can thin plants. Cover with the amount of soil indicated on seed package. Glue another piece of tissue paper over top of roll. Important: Write TOP on this end of the roll. You do not want to plant upside down as this would not be the correct seed depth. Now make sure to label your roll with the type of seeds. That’s it. Now just plant your seed pods level with your garden soil and water. The paper used in these pods are bio-degradable. I especially like planting flowers in flower pots this way. These are super inexpensive to make. Use up a resource that would normally get thrown away and is a fun craft project for kids. Enjoy!

Do you prefer a video tutorial?   Click below to watch my free YouTube video tutorial

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