Minion Inspired Wristers / Fingerless Gloves

Easy to Crochet Minion Inspired Wristers / Fingerless Gloves

Minion Inspired Wristers / Fingerless Gloves   

Photo oF Minon Fingerless Gloves

Minion Fingerless Gloves


Minion inspired projects seem to be everywhere.  I must admit that soon I will reach the point of saturation when perhaps I will be over them.  Luckily that time hasn’t yet arrived.  This week my granddaughter asked me to make her some fingerless gloves (also known as wristers).  She specifically said she wanted them to resemble the Minions.  Since wristers are pretty basic to make and I had already written an eyeball pattern I decided to combine them here.  I hope you enjoy this project.

Supplies you will need for your Minion Inspired Fingerless gloves:

Medium weight Yarn in;  bright yellow, blue, white, black and gray. 

Hook J/10 6.0mm and G/6 4.25, stitch marker, scissors, yarn needle

One size fits most women hands

 Begin:  Using a J/10 6.0mm hook and bright yellow  medium weight yarn,  Chain 23  (You can chain less for children or more for those with larger hands) 

Row 1:  1hdc in each stitch beginning in 2nd chain from hook

Row 2-6 (only do 5 rows for children sizes):  ch 2, hdc in ea stitch

Row 7:  ch 2, sl st into 2nd ch (insert your hook into ch and BEFORE pulling out yarn change to black color, now pull out the black yarn and finish your sl st.) ch 2, hdc into each stitch including the 2 chains that are connecting your piece, sl st into 2nd ch (where black color change occured)    Be careful not to twist work.

Row 8: (change to bright yellow color) ch 2, hdc in ea stitch, at last stitch you will begin row 9 working in rounds. 

Row 9-13 (working in rounds) 1 hdc in each stitch at the end of round 13 we will change color to your blue to begin round 14.   Use a stitch marker to mark your rounds.

Round 14-18: (with blue color) 1hdc in each stitch, fasten off with a slip stitch at end of round 18.  Sew in tail   

Work your second glove in the same way as this first glove. 

Eyes:  You need to choose which type of minion you want to make for each glove.  There are 1 eye minions and 2 eye minions.   Make the number of eyes needed for your gloves.  In the photo above I used 3 eyes… 1 glove has 1 eye and the other has 2 eyes. 

Using black yarn.  To begin:  Magic circle, ch 2 (counts as hdc) hdc 7 into circle, pull circle shut, sl st into 2nd ch.  BEFORE pulling out sl st change to white yarn.

Rnd 2: ch 2, hdc into same stitch, 2 hdc in each stitch, sl st into 2nd ch., BEFORE pulling out sl st change to gray  yarn.   Ch 2, hdc into same stitch, *hdc, 2hdc*, repeat from * to * thru out round, sl st into 2nd ch, fasten off leaving long tail to sew eye to glove.   

Sewing on eyes:  Eyes will be positioned over black strip.  Place your gloves with opening to the inside (thumb opening).   Sew on your eyes, you will center them and using the long gray tail sew carefully onto the top of the glove.  I used a piece of cardboard inside the glove to keep me from stitching the gloves shut accidentally.  

Mouth:  With black yarn embroider either a half smile or full smile.  

Finishing touches:  Sew the open flap of your glove (above thumb opening) shut at the 3rdrow.  Make sure you align both pieces so they are sewn evenly.   See video for demonstration.   Repeat for second glove.  Sew in any remaining tails.  

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial please click on the links on the next page.  Enjoy



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