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This blog is for you. What kind of crafts do you want to see featured?

Decisions, Decision, Decision. I need all of your help. In deciding what types of crafts to post I need your input. What type of crafts do you want to see?

As many of you know I love to knit, crochet, and sew. However, I do many other types of crafting as well as some tole painting, polymer clay, beading, card making, etc. So I want to make a survey and find out what type of projects and product demos do you want to see?

Is there a particular pattern for a project you want to see demonstrated. A new item that you have seen but are unsure about purchasing? Your answers will help me in approaching manufactures to provide some items for demos and possibly for giveaways.  I will always give you my honest opinion on items.  Is it worth the money or not.  I hate wasting my hard earned cash on products that just don’t deliver.

I am also looking for crafty people who would like to write a guest blog post. Do you have a great idea or a post on your own blogs you would like to share (With complete credit to you of course and link back to your blog.) Then let me know so we can share it here.

Please write in the comments what type of items/crafts you want to learn. I would like to start to share technique posts for different crochet and knit stitches. Also, I want to start a new sewing series to teach people how to use a basic pattern and sewing machine. These are just some of the things I want to share. Would you prefer to see a series? These are all the things I want to hear from you.  I am new to the blogging game and so we are in this together.  This is YOUR blog.

I created this blog to be a community where we can share our love of crafting.   As a thank you for participating I will have a drawing and 3 winners will each win 1 crochet pattern of their choice from my Ravelry store.

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OttLite Giveaway – Enter for a chance to win!

otto light


I LOVE to craft.  From sewing, beading, clay, crochet, knitting you name it I love it.  What I don’t love is not being able to see what I’m doing.  This wasn’t such a problem when I was younger but as I’m getting older my poor eyes need a break.  I bought a OttLite about 6 years ago.  My friend had one and she swore by it.  So, I went ahead and bought one for myself.  It’s very similar to this one only in white.   I have had that lamp all these years and use it almost daily.  It has never need to had the bulb replaced and works great.  I don’t know how often others have had to replace the bulb but mine is still going strong.

I like how the light is white and doesn’t seem to strain my eyes.  I also like that it gives a more natural light and helps me to distinguish colors and see clearly.  I’m so excited that my friends from OttLite have offered this lamp for me to be able to do a giveaway and share with my blog members.   The lamp is the OttLite slimline task lamp as in the picture above.  It’s lightweight and super portable.  I keep mine on my desk where I do a lot of my daily work.  I also move it to the table next to my soda so I can crochet or knit while watching TV.  If you would like to enter for a chance to win you will need to do the following:

1) Become a member by simply adding your name and email address.  You will find the link at the top right hand corner of my blog.

2)  Leave a comment on where you would use this lamp.  You can also just leave a comment saying why you want to win.

It would be great if you shared this blog post with your other crafty friends.  Heck I have a friend that uses her to read because she loves the white light.

A winner will be selected at the end of this week and will be notified via email…now do you see why I need your email?   Remember, this giveaway is only open to members so sign up today.  It’s free and I will never share or sell your info with anyone else.  Enter today and good luck!

Happy Crafting,


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Flower Friday is here! Flower #4

It’s  Flower Friday.  Today I am sharing this easy primrose flower.  I have used 2 colors for this flower.  One color for the center and one for the petals.   You can use any size hook and yarn weight you prefer.  The color choices are all up to you.

To begin:  With center color,  ch 4, join with sl st into 1st ch to form circle.

Rnd 1:  ch 4, (counts as dc, ch 1), *1 dc into circle, ch 1* rep from * to * 6 times, sl st into 3rd ch of beg 4 chains

Rnd 2:  join new color in any ch-1 sp, ch 2 (counts as first hdc), [ 1dc, 1tr,  1dc, 1hdc] in same sp, [1 hdc 1 dc, 1 tr, 1 dc, 1 hdc] in each ch-1 sp around, sl st to beg ch-2 (8 petals)

Rnd 3: ch 1, *[2 sc in next st] 4 times, sl st next st, rep from*,  * to *, 7 more times, sl st into first sc, fasten off, sew in tails.

I have included the  link for the YouTube Video link:

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Embellish Plain T-shirts and other items

 tshirt embellishment2

Wondering what to do with plain t-shirts? I bought this at Michael’s when they were having a sale. Plain t-shirts were $2.00 each! You can’t beat the price, but unfortunately pretty plain Jane. I liked the V-neck shape. Don’t worry my crochet hook came to the rescue. I decided to embellish the v neck section with 3 roses and 2 leaves. I used simply soft caron for both roses and leaves. You can use whatever medium weight yarn you have available.  You can choose your own colors too.     You can use any size hook (I used a G Hook) and yarn you like (I used a medium weight acrylic yarn).  The bigger the hook the bigger your flowers and leaves.

If you are a visual learner the video step-by-step tutorials are available on my YouTube channel.  I have included the links below.


To begin:  Chain 16

Row 1: 1 sc in each chain, beginning in 2nd chain from hook

row 2: ch 3, [3dc into same ch] ch 3, sl st into next ch, ch 3, 3dc into next ch, ch 3, sl st into next ch (rep 2 times), ch 3, 2dc into next 2 ch, ch 3, sl st into next ch (rep 3 times), sl st into last ch, fasten off. (leave tail to be able to sew into piece). You should have a total of 6 petals

Roll up the strip beginning with the edge with the 3dc series of stitches.. sew the bottom edge of flower. Now you can sew it onto any of your projects.

Small Leaf:

To begin:  loosely chain 10  (You will be working on both sides of your beginning 10 chains)

Rnd 1: 1 sc into 2nd ch from hook, hdc into next ch, 1 dc into next ch, 1 trc into next 3 ch, dc into next ch, hdc into next ch, 3sc in last ch.

Now you will begin working on the other side of your beginning 10 chains). hdc into next ch, dc into next ch, 1 trc, into next 3 ch, dc into next ch, sc into next ch, sl st into last ch. Fasten off, sew in tails.

Links for video tutorials below:

Tutorial link for rose:

Tutorial link for leaf:

No more plain t-shirts. Ahhh, I love easy solutions. This would also work great for embellishing hats, scarfs, aghans, etc. Or even as a cute pin. Try it on your plain shirts and let me know how they turn out.    Happy Embellishing!


p.s. –  I shared this tip back in 2013.. but it’s still one of my favorite ideas.

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Hat Monday – Crochet Lion Hat courtesy of Lion Brand Yarns

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 1.29.35 AM

Crochet Lion Hat from Lion Brand Yarns 

If you follow me on facebook or my YouTube tutorials you know that I love to make different hats.  I especially enjoy making character hats.  This cute little lion hat is available free on    It is easy to make and works up super fast because it uses chunky yarn.  The pattern uses basic stitches and  is an easy level.  Click Here to get your free written pattern:  Lion Hat      You can find 100’s of free patterns available on the Lion Brand Yarns website.

Just visit and you will be able to download your copy.  You will need to sign up by registering with your email.

If you are a visual learner please check out the YouTube step-by-step video tutorial I did of this hat.   Following along with your printed pattern will also be a great way to learn to read patterns or improve your pattern reading abilities.  I’m sure your little ones will enjoy this hat.    Happy Crocheting!


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