Easy Crochet Ribbed Hat – A beginner level Crochet Hat

An Easy Crochet Ribbed hat was on my list of projects.   With the weather finally turning a little chilly this month I have decided to write up a super easy crochet rib hat pattern.  I wanted it to be able to be easy enough for even beginners to crochet.  The hat is made in a flat panel so there is no need to know how to crochet in the round.  This one is probably one of the easiest and pretty crochet rib hats.

You can choose whatever type of yarn you want.   I used acrylic since I plan to give many of these hats to charity and as we all know not everyone has the time to hand wash.. lay flat to dry, etc.   Acrylic is so forgiving and easy to maintain.  I also like that there are so many colors available that you can find a color to suit just about anyone.  


Easy Crochet Ribbed Hat

Easy Crochet Ribbed Hat

You can adjust the length by just changing the number of beginning chains.  If you don’t want the brim (folded edge) to be so wide just start with fewer chains.  On the other hand, if you plan to wear it as a slouchy and want it longer just begin with more chains.


Supplies needed:

4 oz. of Medium weight yarn

J crochet hook (6.0mm)


yarn needle

measuring tape

To begin:

Chain 40, sc in each chain beginning in 2nd chain from the hook

Row 2 – to last row:  chain 1, turn work, sc in each stitch in the BACK LOOP ONLY

continue adding rows until your piece is long enough to easily wrap around your head.  You can either wrap the piece around your head or simply measure the circumference of your head.  When you piece can easily stretch to that length (Without losing the ribbing effect) you have the correct size.

My head measures 21 inches.  I made my piece 16 inches long and it fit around my head.  You can either:   1)  Stretch piece until it reaches the measurement  (without losing it’s ribbed look.  2)  Wrap the piece around your head to see if it fits.  (Not super stretched). See photos below.

IMPORTANT:  DO NOT CUT YARN.. after your last row.

Rib crochet

Measure your piece.. when it can stretch easily to your head measurement you can stop adding rows.



Crochet panel around head

Wrap piece around head


To finish your hat.  Fold your panel in half and either slip stitch thru BOTH layers making sure to align your stitches.  Please not one edge will have only one loop.  This is your beginning row.  The other edge will have a full single crochet stitch.   You want to be sure to work thru both edges.   If you prefer you can fasten off and leave a long tail.  You can then sew they both edges.  Either way is fine.

Joining edges together

Joining edges together


When you have finished joining your edges you will now fasten off.  Be sure to leave a tail 3 times the length of your top edge.  This will be used to gather your top edge and close off the top opening.    Thread the yarn with a yarn needle.  Now you will be working your needle in and out of the top edge (small stitches).  When you finish pull the opening shut tightly.  You can now make a small knot. Next, you will be working to close up any remaining opening with the remaining yarn on your needle.      (See photos below)

sewing top edge

pull your needle thru top edge











top of hat

top of hat











Make sure you work thru the top edge (should be pulled shut now) and sew thru all layers to close up any remaining opening.   Flip inside out and fold over your brim.  You are ready to enjoy your hat.  You can also use it without folding to a slouchy beanie look.

If you prefer a video tutorial here is the link to my free YouTube video.  Please do me a favor and share this post with all of your friends and family who love to get crafty.  Sharing is caring.   


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