Say goodbye to plain Pony Tail Holders

Okay, I admit it.  I’m a girly girl.  My favorite colors are purple and pink and I like pretty things.  I Love flowers.  So,  the idea of using plain rubber bands on my precious grand daughters hair is not really thrilling.  
I decided to combine a variety of crochet flowers and rubber bands to come up with a nicer alternative.  This is super easy to do and has endless possibilities.  You just take crochet flowers of any style and color and simply sew to the rubber band.  
1) You will need flowers (this can be done with plastic flowers as well) and your rubber band.  
2) Thread matching color yarn thru a yarn needle
3)  Sew  around rubber band.  Be careful not to go thru front layer of flower. 
4)  Tie ends and trim, now dab with a drop of fraycheck to keep ends from unraveling. 
Enjoy!   Need ideas for crochet flowers.  Check out my playlist ‘Flowers and leaf projects’ on my youtube channel.   Please the on the link below to see a selection of beautiful and easy to crochet flowers. 
This is a video link of the flower I used in this posting.  

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