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Crochet Owl Purse

Photo of Crochet Owl Purse

Crochet Owl Purse for Children

Crochet This Owl Purse.  It’s Easy and quick.  Now is a great time to begin crafting your Christmas gifts.  This little purse is a great gift item.  It can be used with small amounts of yarn which is ideal for using up your yarn stash, especially those skeins that are not complete.  Most projects have a major problem, most don’t use up their entire amount of yarn called for in the pattern.  This project will let you use up those left over skeins.

You can choose your own colors.    This project uses medium weight yarn, you can also make it in cotton yarn.  Since this is for a child it is not lined.  However lining it should not be too difficult.   You use only basic stitches.  It is a great way to learn to do some shaping and begin working in the round (as used for the eyes.)   I hop you will enjoy this project.



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Crochet Dog Hand Puppet

 Crochet dog hand puppet.

This is a fun project I came up with recently.  It makes a great gift for any boy or girl.   Now is the perfect time to work on these hand puppets.   They work up quickly and are super cute and fun.   These remind me of toys of days gone by… reminiscent of Captain Kangaroo.  Ok, so maybe I dated myself.

puppy-hand-puppet  IMG_1178

Crochet Hand puppets are a great way for children to use their imagination .  You can choose your own colors and modify the faces and ears to make other animals.  I hope you enjoy the video tutorials that I have uploaded for you.  This hand puppet uses basic crochet stitches and can be modified to change the size of your hand puppet.  The basic shape can be used for other puppets as well.  You would just need to change the facial features and ears to create other animals.  I hope you enjoy creating your very own crochet dog hand puppet.  Happy Crocheting!


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