Mini-Minion Inspired Ami


Crochet Minion Amigurumi

Mini-Minion inspired Ami

This Mini-Minion Inspired Ami was so fun to make.  I love the Minions  okay disclaimer here this is not an official Minion doll.  I made this little 4 1/2 inch (9cm) inspired by the Minions.  I think most kids and a lot of adults love the antics of the Minions.  I wanted to make something that could be held in the hands of little ones.  This could also be used on a key-chain.   This Ami is fun to make and it’s a great way to use up your yarn scraps.

I based basic stitches but I did crochet in the round for most of it.  I think the hardest thing is the magic circle and keeping track of your rounds.  I highly recommend some kind of row/round counter.  A stitch marker is a life saver.  I guess I just don’t like to live dangerously since I always use stitch markers.

Materials needed to crochet your Ami:

D/3  Hook 3.25 mm  (for Eye only) and F/5  3.75mm size hook

Stitch Markers (3)

Yarn needle

Row counter (1)

Poly-fil stuffing (you can also use cotton)


Scraps of yarn in the following colors;   bright yellow, dark blue, black, brown, white and silver

I recommend you work in the following  order:


Upper Body:  (With bright yellow) Magic circle,  ch 1, 8 sc into circle, pull shut (put stitch marker in first sc)

Rnd 2:  2sc in each stitch (16 total st)

Rnd 3-6:  sc in each stitch

Rnd 7: (change to black) sc in each stitch  (Don’t worry that the lines don’t line up evenly.  This will  be covered up by the eye).

Rnd 8 – 13:  (Change to bright yellow)  sc in each stitch.   Fasten off after round 13

Stuff upper body.

Eye:   (with D hook and black yarn)

Magic circle, ch 1, 6 sc into circle, pull shut (place stitch marker in 1st sc)

Rnd 2:  (change to white) 2 sc in each stitch, fasten off

Optional silver trim around outer edge of white.  With a scrap of silver yarn, embroider an outline around eye.  I used a basic back stitch.  See finished ami for reference.    Sew eye to upper body over the black line.  I sew mine on the section where the rounds meet to cover up the uneven row. Pull yarn thru ami body and make a knot. Cut yarn and push the knot back into the Ami.

Lower Body:  

With F hook and Blue yarn:  attach yarn to center back of body.  Ch 1,  sc in each stitch around round.

Rnd 2-5:  sc in each stitch

Rnd 6:  sc in first 8 stitches,  leave remaining stitches unworked (total 8 stitches)  This is the first leg.

Rnd 7-8:  sc in each stitch (the 8 stitches from end 6).  Fasten off after last round

Second leg:  (attach yarn to first unworked stitch of round 6),  sc in each stitch (8 total),

Rnd 7-8: (of second leg)  sc in each stitch, fasten off after last round

Stuff Lower body and legs with your poly-fiber fill

Shoes:  (Upper shoe)  Find the Center front of your legs.  Place stitch marker on this stitch on both legs.

Rnd 1:  (With brown) attach yarn in center back of leg.  Ch 1, sc in each stitch until you go to your stitch marker, 3hdc in stitch with stitch marker, 3hdc in following stitch,  sc in each remaining stitch,  sl st into 1st st, fasten off.    Repeat for other leg.

This is a good time to add more stuffing if you need it.  I like to add more to the upper shoe.

Sole of shoes:  (with brown yarn)  magic circle, ch 1,  12 sc into circle, pull shut, sl st into first sc.  Leave long tail to sew sole to upper shoe.

Take your sole and cover your shoe.. (this is the bottom of the shoes and closes up the shoes).  Using a basic whip stitch sew the upper shoe to the bottom of the sole.  (See photo)

Arms (make 2):  With bright yellow yarn:

Magic circle,  ch 1, sc 6 into circle, pull shut, sl st into first sc.

Rnd 2 – 9:  sc in each stitch, fasten off after last round.  Leave tail to sew arm to body.    Stuff arm with poly-fiber fill (Optional – I didn’t stuff mine).

Sew arms to the side of the body of Ami.  (See finished Ami for reference).

Overall bib:  (With blue) :

Row 1:  ch 5, sc in each stitch beginning in 2nd ch from hook

Row 2-3: ch 1, turn work, sc in each stitch.   Fasten off after row 3.  Leave tail to sew bib to from to of Ami.

a) Sew bib onto center front of ami, over the first row of pants.  See Finished Ami for reference.

b) Thread yarn needle with same blue yarn.   Embroider suspenders onto Ami.   I crossed mine in the back and finished on the upper corners of the bib.

Mouth:    Thread black yarn onto your yarn needle.   Make a knot in the end of the strand.  (I pull the strand until the knot goes inside of the ami, but not out again.  Embroider a smile to the front of your ami.. pull yarn thru ami body and make a knot.  Cut yarn and push the knot back into the Ami.

Hair:  With black yarn, thread your yarn needle.  Pull thread thru top of head.   When you have a long enough strand on top of head, make a knot (this will keep the hair on top) and pull up thru opposite side of head.  Make a knot, and cut the tail.  Add as many strands of hair as you like.   You’re all done.  Your little mini-ami is ready to be loved.

I apologize if there are any errors in the pattern above.  I make every effort to ensure everything is perfect but sometimes I miss something.  If I did please let me know.

P.S –  If you enjoyed this post please share it with a friend you think might like it.    Let me know if you enjoy this type of project.  Thanks

If you prefer to watch a Video tutorial the link is on the next page.

Watch my Free YouTube Video tutorial to Crochet this Ami:

Are you a visual learner and prefer watching a video tutorial?  No problem I have included the links for the step-by-step instructions.  Click on the links below.

Click here for Video 1:  

Click here for Video 2: 

Click here for Video 3:




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    Kuzu zang po (Greetings) from beautiful Bhutan. Can you please do a video tutorial for this beauty

    • Yolanda August 19, 2015 at 2:09 pm #

      That is a copyright protected pattern. I’m sure that the designer would not appreciate that at all.

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    I love your funny picture. I hope you don’t mind me sharing it.

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