Easy to make Yo-Yo’s with the Clover Yo-Yo Maker Tool

I love to make yo-yo’s but I hate how long it takes to make them.  I have made so many of them during my life.  Then a while back I wanted to make a quilt top using the yo-yo’s as little flowers.  My sister bought a Clover Yo-Yo maker.   Using this Clover yo-yo maker tool is a huge difference maker.  I was able to make about 50 yo-yo’s in no time at all.  There are lots of other shapes also, like hearts, butterflies, flowers, besides the round ones.

I just put up a YouTube Video tutorial showing you how easy it is to use this tool.   I hope you will enjoy it.

To purchase your own yo-yo makers here are  the link:

Round yo-yo

Butterfly Yo-Yo





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