Crochet Olympic Snowboarder Inspired Hat – Beginner Level

The Winter Games are here and now I wanted to share my version of an Crochet Olympic Snowboarder Inspired Hat.  The hat that is getting all the attention at the winter games was worn by Olympic Snowboarder Chloe Kim.  Not only did she win Gold for the USA but she looked great doing it.  She was sporting a really cute Knit hat which used chunky yarn.   The brim was folded over and it had a nice USA patch on it.  I still have not been able to find the exact red USA patch but I’m still working on it.  I wanted to make a crochet version of her hat.

The hat is really easy to make and it is a beginner level project.   I used a weight 5 yarn (Patons Classic Wool Bulky) but you can use any Bulky weight (weight 5) yarn you like.  This is some yarn I had available and I liked the color.  The hat worn by the Olympic Snowboarder Chloe Kim is a much lighter color.  The color I used is a little darker but of course you can make your hat whichever color you prefer.

This Crochet Olympic Snowboarder Inspired Hat is so easy to make because it is worked as a flat panel.  Once your panel is the desired size then you seam the sides and gather up the top.  It’s so fast and easy you can make it in less than a couple of hours (most people).  The bulky yarn and large crochet hook make quick work of this hat.

Crochet Olympic Snowboarder Inspired Hat

Crochet Olympic Snowboarder Inspired Hat

Yesterday I also uploaded a free YouTube video tutorial on this hat.  In the video I shared some suggestions for different sizes.  Click on the video to watch it now:

Supplies Needed:  (Affiliate Links)

L Size Crochet Hook (8mm)


Yarn Needle

Approx.  150 yards (or 7 oz) of Bulky Weight (weight 5 yarn)

Measuring Tape

Large Pom Pom Maker:

Crochet Olympic Snowboarder Inspired Hat (continued)

hdc = half double crochet

ch= chain

sc = single crochet

hdcbl = half double crochet back loop

This hat is really easy to crochet.  It is worked as a flat panel and then seamed together along the edges.  Once that is done the top is gathered and the pom pom is added.

To begin:   Crochet a chain that is approximately 11 inches long  (12 inches for men).  The chain should be long enough to teach from the top of your head and be able to be folded up on the forehead (brim).   If you are making this for a child you will need to make your starting chain smaller.

I began with 29 chains (my head measures 21 inches around)

row 1:  Half double crochet (hdc) in each chain beginning in 3rd chain from hook.

row 2:  chain 2, turn work, hdc into each stitch into the BACK LOOP ONLY

Repeat row 2 until you pleasure measures approximately 18 inches (women) without being stretched OR to fit around your crown of your head nicely.  (It can be stretched slightly.  DO NOT over-stretch it still make be able to stretch back into shape.)   My panel measured  18 inchs and stretched to 21 inches without losing it’s stretch.   DO NOT cut your yarn.

(Every person crochets at a different tension.  This is why it is important to try the panel around each persons head to see it it fits. )

Crochet Olympic Snowboarder Inspired Hat (continued)

Seaming your panel edges:

Fold your flat panel.  Now you will use a single crochet to join both sides (long sides) together.  Be sure to you are working thru both layers.  If you prefer you can use a slip stitch or sew with your yarn needle.

When you finish seaming up your edges DO NOT cut your yarn.

To Gather top edge:  Leave a tail that is approximately 3 times the length of your top edge.  This will give you enough yarn to gather the top  of your hat.  Pull up that yarn tail thru your last stitch.

Fold your tail in half, thread your needle and now you will work your needle going in and out around the top edge stitches.  Pull your edge shut as tightly as you can.   With your remaining yarn using a back and forth stitch close up any remaining hole and secure with a tight knot.  Use your crochet hook to pull your tails to the inside of your work.

Pom Pom:   

The pom pom used on the hat worn by Olympic Snowboarder Chloe Kim is rather loose and floopy.  You can also choose to make it a more traditional type of pom pom by adding more yarn to your hat.  The choice is up to you.  I used a Clover Large Pom Pom maker to make my pom pom.  I then used the tails to secure to my hat.  If you can to be able to remove the pom pom you could also sew it onto some type of pin fastener to allow the pom pom to be removed for washing.

Once your pom pom is done all you need to do is to sew in all your tails and enjoy your hat.   Please be sure to share this post with your friends.  I think this hat is going to be a big hit.  I had so many requests to make this hat already.  If you sell your crochet work this might be a good seller at craft fairs.

Now, if I could only find the perfect USA patch  : )  Enjoy!




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