How to sew Crochet Granny Squares together.. Easy Peasy!

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How to Sew Crochet square together

Learn to Sew Crochet Granny Squares Together

In this post I will teach you how to sew (seam) crochet pieces together.   Here I will demonstrate with a granny square but the same methods apply for other pieces as well.

I love crocheting and knitting but the one thing I really don’t enjoy that much is when I need to seam (sew) pieces together.  I know we’ve all been there.  We have just completed our last granny square and now the daunting task of sewing them all together is before us.  Well.. that and sewing in tails is another drudgery I would love to avoid.

If I had a magic wand I would just magically make all those tails go away and have all my pieces magically sew themselves together.   But alas no such luck.

I wanted to share one of the methods that is great for sewing items you want to have a flat seam.  It seems to work especially well with shapes such as granny squares.    It is the Weave stitch. First you will have to determine the corner of your pieces.  For my granny squares I always make 3 chains in the corner.. so the 2nd chain is the corner.

(Please note that none of these squares have been blocked).  I recommend you block all your pieces before beginning.  It will give you a much better outcome.

Sew Granny Squares Together – Method 1:   Weave Stitch 

  1.  Flip your pieces with the wrong side up.  (pic 1)
  2. Find the corner of your work.. and insert your need only thru 1 loop of each piece.  For a granny square you will begin and end your stitching in the ch 2 of the corner.  (pic 2)
  3. Sew thru those 2 loops.. continue to the top of your work (pic 3 – 4)

Pic 1

pic 1


Pic 2

pic 2

Pic 3

pic 3

Pic 4

Sew Granny Squares Together – Method 2:   Whip Stitch 

Another method for joining pieces is the “Whip” stitch.  This seam is ideal for areas where you need more strength such as perhaps a shoulder, underarm or a strap for a bag.  This seam is strong however the drawback is that it tends to be bulkier.  You can finger press to help smooth it out.  To join using the whip stitch.

  1.  Put 2 granny squares with right sides facing
  2. Find the corner and go thru BOTH loops of each piece (pic 6)
  3. Continue in each stitch (pic 7)
  4.  Side view  (pic 8 )
  5. Finished seam.   Notice that it is much bulkier than the “weave” stitch   (pic 9)


Pic 6

pic 6)

pic 7


Pic 8



Pic 9


Watch my Free YouTube Video Tutorial for Sewing Granny Squares Together.  Link is on next page.  Enjoy

If you prefer a video tutorial click below.   This video will demonstrate step-by-step.   Enjoy!

Free YouTube Video Tutorial 




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