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Bling! Bling! Hairclips


Do you hate plain hairclips but still need a way to keep hair in place?  Try adding a little bling.

This project is quick and easy.   You will need:

Plain (metal) clips (12 for $1.00)
E6000 Industrial Glue (use in well ventilated place)  ($4.99)
Rhinestones  (I used Darice brand in 7mm size)  ($3.99 for 150 rhinestones)
Gemstone holder or tweezers (This is optional but really helps keep your beads clean and free of glue) ($2.99)

I purchased most of the supplies at either Joanne’s or Michael’s.

Step 1:  Wipe off  top of metal clip to make sure it is free of dust or oil

Step 2:  Squeeze a strip of glue along top of clip

Step 3:  Using gemstone holder place rhinestones on clip in a row.  You have a couple minutes to move them.  Try to keep the top as free of glue as possible.  You can slide them around to make sure they fit. 
Step 4:  Allow to dry 24 hours.  The rhinestones will stay and place.  They sparkle in the sunlight and also under lights.  Great way to dress up any outfit. 
Enjoy your new Bling!   Do you prefer a video tutorial?  Just click on the video below.

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Say goodbye to plain Pony Tail Holders

Okay, I admit it.  I’m a girly girl.  My favorite colors are purple and pink and I like pretty things.  I Love flowers.  So,  the idea of using plain rubber bands on my precious grand daughters hair is not really thrilling.  
I decided to combine a variety of crochet flowers and rubber bands to come up with a nicer alternative.  This is super easy to do and has endless possibilities.  You just take crochet flowers of any style and color and simply sew to the rubber band.  
1) You will need flowers (this can be done with plastic flowers as well) and your rubber band.  
2) Thread matching color yarn thru a yarn needle
3)  Sew  around rubber band.  Be careful not to go thru front layer of flower. 
4)  Tie ends and trim, now dab with a drop of fraycheck to keep ends from unraveling. 
Enjoy!   Need ideas for crochet flowers.  Check out my playlist ‘Flowers and leaf projects’ on my youtube channel.   Please the on the link below to see a selection of beautiful and easy to crochet flowers. 
This is a video link of the flower I used in this posting.  

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Protect your crochet, knit and other delicates while washing

Protect your crochet items while washing

Protect your crochet and knit items while washing

Keep your Crochet and Knit Items safe in the wash 

In a perfect world all of our treasured handcrafted knit, crochet or sewn items would be gently and lovingly washed by hand.  Laid to dry flat over a flat drying rack and then carefully placed back into our wardrobes.

Ahhhh…. enter the real world.  With jobs, rushed scheduled and then throw in a few kids and the hand washing days might be a faint memory.   Well, here is one way to help protect your clothing.  Remember those hoisery bags we used to put our nylons and other unmentionables?  Do people even still use those?

Well it turns out those bags are the perfect way to protect all of your handcrafted items.  You work so hard and put so much time and love into creating all of your beautiful things to see them ruined in the wash.  OK, I know we would all just LOVE to be able to hand wash but the reality is that most of us don’t have the time.

Enter the little hoisery bag to the rescue.  Make sure you get a bag that has a zipper.  I think those work best.  Place your crochet items inside the bag (turn it inside out first- if possible).  Now put your bag into your washing machine.  I still recommend you set your washer to a delicate setting.   Then take out your items and place to dry flat on either a towel or flat drying rack.  Some acrylic yarns can be dried in the drying machine just be sure to set on a low temperature and remove promptly to avoid wrinkles and stretching.

This is especially great for people with young children or babies.  It keeps your precious items safe.

I hope you try this tip.  It has helped save many of my clothing items.

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Small Crochet Baskets – Organize your items

Photo of Small Crochet Basket

Small Crochet Baskets

 Small Crochet Baskets

Crochet these baskets if you’re looking for a way to contain and organize your small items.  They can be made in various sizes.  They work up quickly and easily.    They also make a great gift for baby showers, just fill them up with baby items, or make a set of 3.   Size shown above is the small size.  Measures 6 1/2 ” by 4 ”

Gauge is not important.  Instructions are for small size.   To increase size of your boxes add an additional 3 -4 ch in your beginning foundation row.   All other instructions are the same.  I used at the same time.  I used the Bernat Blanket Yarn.  It can be purchased at Joann or online at Yarnspirations





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Fast and easy Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Make this fast and easy mason jar sewing kit

 In a pinch for a quick, easy and inexpensive gift.   There are so many times I get invited to someone’s house, get-together, etc.  I don’t like to show up empty-handed.  So, here is a quick, easy and inexpensive gift.   I call it my emergency traveling sewing kit.  This little sewing kit in a mason jar makes a great gift.   All supplies can be purchased at your local Walmart, Rite-aid, etc.   This is a great kit to have in your desk at work, while you’re traveling, or for a child going off to college.Photo of Mason Jar sewing kit

You will need the following supplies.
One small mason jar (the kind for jelly)
1 small sewing kit (I bought mine at the dollar store, but you can find them at Walmart, Rite, CVS, etc.)

A little bit of fiber fill
Small piece of fabric
Hot glue gun









First:  Cut your out a fabric piece about an inch larger in diameter than your lid.

Take out inner lid from jar, and insert fabric into opening, lightly stuff with fiber fill.  Insert inner lid (with rubber) on top of your fabric and batting


Now tack down the excess fabric with a glue gun.  Be careful not to burn yourself.  Now add the items of your sewing kit.  You can also add a small card.  

Screw lid back onto jar.  Wrap a small ribbon around lid (you can secure with hot glue) and tie into a bow.  Your gift is now ready.
If you are a visual learner and prefer to watch a video tutorial.  Click on the link on the next page.  Enjoy

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