Crochet Gladiator Style Flip Flops

Crochet Gladiator Style Flips flops to turn your plain flip flops into fun sandals.   Who says flip flops have to be plain or boring?  Using some basic crochet stitches and a few new techniques (they’re easy) you can go from plain flip flops to personalized flip flops.  Summertime is here and that means warmer weather.  Ok, I admit that I live in Chula Vista, California (Suburb of San Diego) and our “Hot” weather isn’t exactly what others might consider hot.  Hey, living here we get used to a milder climate but even we get our occasional heat wave.

To beat the heat many of us turn wearing sandals and other warm weather accessories.  I admit that I look forward to being able to wear sandals.  However, I am not a fan of plain flip flops.  I like to customize them a little and jazz them up a bit.  In today’s blog post I will share how I turned my plain flip flops into crochet gladiator style flip flops.   You can customize by using your own colors, make them all one solid color or combine colors.  You can even add beads or a small fringe along the top edge.   As always I have provided a free YouTube video tutorial for visual learners.  The links appear at the end of the post.  I used cotton yarn Peaches & Creme from Yarnspirations.  They have a great selection of solid colors and some varigated choices.

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Flip flops

Crochet Flip flops

crochet gladiator style flip flops

crochet flip flop

crochet gladiator style flip flops

(side view)




Crochet Gladiator Style Flip Flops


1 Pair of flip flops

Cotton yarn


stitch markers

measuring tape

Crochet Hook Size H (5 mm)  (for adult size)  Use F hook for child size

Pony beads (Optional)


Crochet Gladiator Style Flip Flops

  1. To begin your crochet gladiator style flips you will be covering the straps of your flip flops with single crochet stitches with your H Hook.   Be sure to leave a long tail as it is easier to sew in at the end. Everyone’s stitch count will be different depending on the size flip flops or how tightly you can to cover your flip flop straps.  (Also, if you are making a child’s size) For the child’s size I recommend using an F hook.
  2. When you get to the center (toe) just start your single crochet on the other side of your strap.  You will be lightly pushing your stitches together to cover the strap.  It’s best if very little of the strap is showing.   Now, fasten off and sew in your tails.
  3. Now we will be crochet an adapted Adrienne Half Square (triangle) for the top portion of your flip flops.  You will be making 2 of these.  Instructions for working Adrienne half square appear below the collage.   DO NOT cut off your yarn after your last stitch on your adrienne half square.  You will be attaching it to the top of the flip flops.
  4.  Place your adrienne half square (triangle) on top of your strap.  You can use stitch markers or safety pins to help you hold the triangle in place.  You can begin attaching  your adrienne to the first stitch of your strap.. or attach it about 1 inch from each end as I did.  This is a personal preference.  If you attach to the first and last stitches of your straps you will need to work 1 additional row of the heel strap.
  5. Begin joining your top piece to the flip flop straps using a slip stitch.  Work all the way to the center of the toe.  The center of the top will be worked with a single crochet into the chain 3 space on triangle.
  6. Continue working your slip stitches (these are not worked stitch for stitch).  You will be easing your pieces to work them together.  You will not have a slip stitch for each bottom strap stitch and top piece.  Meaning, they do not match.. just work as best as you can.  (You can also watch the video for more instruction).   TRY ON your flip flop.  You will be measuring from the edge of your right side top triangle to the other side going AROUND your foot and heel.  It is easier if someone else does this for you.   Option one:  Stop here and fasten off.  Sew in all your tails and wear your flip flops with just this top piece attached.   To add a back heel strap continue onto next steps.
  7. Take the measurement and subtract 1 inch.   Now you will work a chain that equals that number.  DO NOT STRETCH your chain while measuring.   You are subtracting an inch because cotton stretches with wear or when it gets wet.
  8. Attach your chain to the first stitch on the opposite side of your triangle (adrienne half square)  with a slip stitch.  Now slip stitch ONTO the top of the triangle.  Chain 1, turn work and work one half double crochet in each chain   When you get to your other edge of your work, slip stitch into the top piece of your work (adrienne half square) .. and repeat.. ch 1, turn work, one half double crochet into each stitch.   These will be your row 1 and 2 of your heel strap.    (Please make sure both your edges are even;  meaning you work your slip stitches onto the same stitches on either side of triangle.

For row 3 of heel strap:   slip stitch into top edge of piece (adrienne half square)  (fold your strap to find the center.  Place a stitch marker into the center. ),   crochet one half double crochet into each stitch stop 1 stitch before the stitch marker.   Work 2 half double crochet decreases over the next 4 stitches, continue working 1 half double crochet across entire row.

Row 4 of heel strap:  slip stitch into top edge of piece (adrienne half square)  Fold strap to find center and place stitch marker into the center.   Crochet one half double crochet into each stitch, stop 1 stitch before center stitch marker.  Work 1 half double crochet decrease into the center 2 stitches, continue working one half double crochet into each stitch.. slip stitch into other side of top piece.

DO NOT fasten off.. you will now work 1 sc along the top edge of your triangle piece.  Try to work an even amount of stitches.  Fasten off, sew in tails and repeat for your other flip flop.  Enjoy!

crochet gladiator style flip flops (steps 1 - 4 )

Steps 1 – 4 of crochet flip flops

crochet gladiator style flip flops steps 5 - 8


Crochet Gladiator Style Flip Flops



For the top portion of the flip flop, I modified an Adrienne Half square.  We will be working rows turning your piece around.

With crochet Hook H (F for child)

To begin: chain 6, slip stitch into first stitch to close circle

Row 1:  ch 1,  9 sc into circle

Row 2: chain 7  (first 3 count as dc, second 4 as separation chains), skip next single crochet, *double crochet into next stitch, ch 4, skip next single crochet, from from * to * 3 times, turn work

Row 3: chain 1, work  [single crochet, 1 half double crochet, 2 double crochet, 1 half double crochet, single crochet ] into each chain 4 space, turn work

Row 4: chain 8 (counts as double crochet and 5 separation chains), *sc between the 2 double crochet of previous row, chain 5, 1 single crochet between the 2 double crochet of previous row, chain 5, double crochet between the 2 single crochet of previous row, ch 5, double crochet between next 2 single crochet*, repeat from * to * once, end last rep with 1 double crochet into the last sc, turn work

Row 5: ch 2, (counts as half double crochet), 1 half double crochet in first stitch, [4 half double crochet in next ch-5 space] 3 times,  [2 half double crochet, chain 3, 2 half double crochet] into next half double crochet, rep between [ ] 3 times, 2 half double crochet into 2nd chain from begin ch 2

Do not fasten off.. your will now attach your triangle to the flip flop straps which are now covered with single crochet stitches.

To view Free Video Tutorials:


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