Easy to Crochet Granny Square Top

I was looking for an easy to crochet granny square top.   I like to go to the pool or beach but I’m a bit modest.  I wanted to have a top that I could use as a cover-up.  I wanted to make something quick and easy enough for beginners.   The granny square is one of the first patterns that crocheters learn to make.   This is a super easy and quick project plus it looks great.  This easy to crochet granny square top fits most women sizes.   You can always adjust the size of the top by either using a smaller hook or changing the number of rounds of your granny squares.  If you are making this for a child I would use a G size hook.

Easy to Crochet Granny Square Top

Easy to Crochet Granny Square top


2 Granny squares with 8 rounds each.

2 Granny squares with 3 rounds each.

3 Skeins of Creme de la Creme Cotton Yarn from Redheart.com

J /10 Crochet Hook  ( 6mm)


Yarn Needle

To Begin:  You will need to crochet 2 granny squares with 8 rounds each.  You will need to crochet 2 granny squares with 3 rounds each.   The two larger granny squares will be used for the front and back of the top.  The two smaller squares will be the sides (underarm) of the top.

You will need to join your squares.  You can join with a yarn needle or by joining with a crochet slip stitch.   I joined my squares with a yarn needle using the same matching yarn.   It is easier if you sew in your tails as you work.  I hate sewing in tails but this makes it so much easier.

Step 1:  Making sure right sides are facing up.  Take one of the large granny squares and sew a small square to each lower corner of the square.  I joined with a simple whip stitch using a yarn needle.

Step 2:  Now flip your piece over so that the wrong sides are facing up.  Now place your second large granny square on top of the other square.  Making sure that wrong sides are facing each other.  Now sew the free sides of the small granny squares to the lower half of the remaining large granny square.

Step 3:  Attach your yarn along top edge of your work, (The bottom edge is the one with the small granny squares).    You will work 2 rows of single crochet along the top edge.  Work 2 single crochet in the underarm corners and work 3 single crochet into the top corners of the large granny squares.   Fasten off and sew in tails.

Step 4:   (Shoulder straps).   Attach yarn to one corner of the top square, Chain 25,  Slip stitch into top edge of other larger granny square. (top corners joined with strap)  Now you will slip stitch back into each of the 25 chains, slip stitch back into the stitch where you started.  fasten off and sew in your tails.   Repeat on other side.

If you like the length of your top you are finished.  It will be the length of a crop top.   If you want to make it longer to cover more of your sides you can work several rows of granny stitch along the lower edge.  I worked 2 rows.

Attach yarn along lower edge of top  into a ch-2 space.  Chain 3 (this is your first double crochet), 2dc into same space, *chain 2, (skip next 3 dc), 3dc into next chain 2 space,*  Repeat from * to * all the way around the lower edge.    When you get to your last 2 chains, slip stitch into the 3rd chain, work 2 slip stitches to get into the next chain 2 space,  chain 3 and add more rows as desired.

If you prefer a Video tutorial here is the link.  It’s a short video and many people prefer reading the instructions and watching the video before beginning their work.  Enjoy!



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