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Looking for a fun and easy Cnristmas ornament that is still appropriate for the yarn enthusiast?   This little ornament combines polymer clay and of course yarn.   You choose the colors you want for the yarn and the clay.  To make these fun ornaments you will need:

Styrofoam ball (your choice of size)

yarn scraps

Polymer Clay

Ribbon about 10 inches

Sewing pin with head on it

pencil (to poke hole thru styrofoam)

Hot glue gun

clay cutting tool or exacto knife
I like to shape the knitting needles or the crochet hook first.   Take about 1/4 of the package of polymer clay (most are already scored).  You will need to condition the clay before using.  This just entails softening the clay until it is soft and pliable.  I just knead the clay between my fingers.  If you have a pasta machine (Only used for clay,  DO NOT use with food and clay) you can run your clay thru the machine to soften it up.

1)  Roll into a long tube shape.   Measure against the styrofoam ball to make sure it is longer than the styrofoam.  Allow about an extra inch since the ball with be bigger after you wrap the yarn around it.

2)  If you are making the knitting needles, gently push down on one tip of the tube and continue rolling back and forth.  This will shape the needle tip.

3)  If you are making the crochet hook  row your long tube shape, also measure against the ball.   Now you will use your knife to cut to shape the crochet hook.  (See video tutorial for more details)

4)  Put your needles and hooks into an oven.  I use a disposable aluminum tray purchased at the dollar tree.  If you are using a cooking sheet from your kitchen be sure to line it with aluminum foil.  You do NOT want to cook your clay on the same surface you use for cooking food.    Follow the clay manufacturers instructions for baking.  I baked my items for 30-35 minutes at 260 degrees farenheit.

5)  Let needles and hook cool completely before handling.

While the needles and hooks are cooling I take a pencil and make the holes thru the styrofoam ball.  For the crochet hook you will only need one hole that goes all the way thru the ball.  For knitting needles you will need 2 holes that go all the way thru.  It’s very important that they do not intersect inside the ball or you won’t be able to push both needles thru.  Make sure one hole is slightly in front of the other.

Take your cooled crochet hook or needles and insert to your ball.   Now take your glue gun and dab a drop onto the ball to adhere the beginning of the yarn strand to the ball.  Wrap around the ball.  When you finish making sure to add another dab of glue to hold the end of the yarn strand.   Do the same with the knitting needles.    To hang ornaments cut a piece of ribbon about 10 inches long.  Tie the ends together and use a sewing pin with a head on it to attach it to the yarn ball.   Now it is ready for the tree.   Enjoy!

Are you more of a visual learner?   No problem,  be sure to watch the video tutorial.    Enjoy your ornaments.  Be sure to make some for your crochet and knitting friends.

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1)  Polymer clay

2)  Styrofoam balls:

3)  Yarn:

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