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Crochet Apache Tears Hat the easy way

Crochet Apache Tears Hat the easy way.  When I first saw the Apache Tears pattern many years ago I fell in love with it.  My YouTube video tutorial for the Apache Tears pattern has been a viewer favorite.  With so many crochet and knitting projecting it seems I always have tons of half-used yarn skeins.   If you’ve been following my posts of videos for any time you will know how much I hate to waste yarn and God forbid throw away partial skeins.

While looking thru my stash I found some colors that I felt would make a nice colorway.  I choose shades of teal, mint, blue/greens and white.   This pattern looks best when using several colors.  You can make the hat all in a solid color but that doesn’t really seem to do the stitch pattern justice.   With the cold weather soon upon us I wanted to make a hat using that same great Crochet Apache Tears pattern.


Crochet Apache Tears Hat

Crochet Hat with Apache Tears Stitch Design

For the Crochet Apache Tears hat you will need 5 colors of medium weight yarn.   I used small amounts and it was probably only a couple ounces of each color. This hat is for a 19-24 inch head circumference since it does stretch.   If you want to make it for a child I suggest using a smaller hook size perhaps a size H (5.0mm) hook.  The rest of the instructions would remain the same.

For those who prefer a video tutorial, I have posted the links to my free YouTube videos on the last page of this post.

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Easy to Crochet Messy Bun hat – Fun and Easy!

Yes, I got on the Messy Bun bandwagon

Today I want to share a pattern for an Easy to crochet “Messy Bun” hat.   I have received so many requests for an easy pattern.  

So, by popular demand here it is.  This is what I came up with for an “easy” pattern.  You can follow the instructions for rows 11-12 for a mock rib brim or just continue with double crochet for a plain edge hat.  

Either way, it looks and fits great.   You can customize the hat by choosing your own colors.  School colors, favorite colors or season colors make it so much better.   

I later realized that perhaps using this type of yarn might not have been the best choice.   Oh, well live and learn. 

Easy to crochet Messy Bun Hat

Easy Messy Bun Hat

Supplies Needed 

Approximately 3 1/2 ounces of Medium weight yarn.  I used  RedHeart Supersaver Cameo  – Color  Mirage


Yarn needle

Crochet Hook (I used a size I ) for larger heads use a J hook.   For children use an H hook

I apologize for this photo.  I was having technical issues and just couldn’t get my beautiful photo to upload so I was stuck using this one.  Boohoo 

If you prefer you can purchase an Ad-Free PDF pattern Here:


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Crochet a Basic Beanie – Easy Peasy!

Basic Beanie

I am starting a series of some of the hats.  I have quite a few beanies/hat tutorials on my YouTube channel.   Here is #1 hat in the series.

I love making crochet hats especially with different characters.  I get most of my requests for different hats from my grandkids.  Since they live in a cold climate they are able to use different hats thru out the season.  From hats inspired from favorite cartoon characters to animals I enjoy making them all.  I wanted to share one of the basic beanie hat I use as a foundation.

Here is a basic beanie to crochet.  I have several suggestions for hook sizes.  Usually I use a medium weight yarn.    I have also included a link to my YouTube video tutorial in case you are more of a visual learner.  If you want to download the free pattern you can download it from my Ravelry Store.

Infant- Size G Hook, Babies Size H hook, Toddler Size I hook. To crochet a beanie for an older child use a size J hook and a medium weight worsted yarn.This makes this the perfect beanie pattern for all sizes. From Baby – adult size. Follow the same pattern.

For adults you can use a size K hook and a heavier weight of yarn (maybe even a chunky weight. The pattern is the same for all sizes. Only the size of hook and weight of yarn changes. This makes this the perfect beanie pattern for all sizes. From Baby – adult size. Follow the same pattern. Happy crocheting

Work Round 1 – 12 the same for both methods.

Rnd 1: Ch 3 (counts as dc here and thru out) 11 dc into the circle, sl st into top of 3rd ch

Rnd 2: Ch 3 (counts as dc) dc into same ch, 2 dc in each ch (increase in each ch) for a total of 24 dc’s, sl st into top of 3rd ch

Rnd 3: Ch 3 (counts as dc) dc into same ch, 2 dc in each ch (increase in eah ch) for a total of 48 dc’s, sl st into top of 3rd ch

Rnd 4 – 12 : ch 3 (counts as dc) dc into next ch, 1 dc in each ch for a total of 48 dc’s in each rnd. Sl st into top of 3rd ch

After round 12, fasten off. Be sure to cut your yarn long enough to be able to sew in your tails. Cutting the yarn too short makes it different to blend in your tail.


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