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Easy Crochet Bunny Easter Egg Covers

I have always loved decorating for Easter, and easy Crochet Bunny Easter Egg covers are so fun and easy to crochet.   I had seen a photo of these type of covers and I searched but couldn’t find a pattern.  Since working in rounds to cover the base of a plastic egg didn’t seem that challenging I went ahead and tried a few different designs.  This one just seemed easiest.


Easter Egg Cover

Learn to crochet these cute Easter Egg Cover

I know sometimes it’s hard to find beginner level projects.  These little Easter egg covers are easy and work up really fast.  I used only basic stitches.  If you can chain, single crochet, half double crochet and magic circle you can make these.   I have even uploaded a free YouTube video tutorial if you prefer.  Some people are visual learners and prefer to see a video.  I totally get it, I love watching videos too.   The link for the video tutorial is at the end of this post.

For those of you who would like the written pattern here it is:

Easy Crochet Bunny Easter Egg Covers


Worsted Weight Yarn (Medium weight yarn – 4)


stitch marker

googly eyes and glue (optional)

yarn needle

Crochet H Hook ( 5.00mm )

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Crochet Mittens that are Easy and Fast to make

These Easy crochet mittens are so fun and fast to crochet.  You may be wondering why I would be crocheting mittens in August.  Well, I like to start my Christmas crocheting and knittng early in the year.  This avoids me being rushed or pressured and running out of time to make gifts.

I have been looking for an easy beginner level mitten pattern, in other words an easy crochet mitten. I have seen others but they are so complicated and would require more crochet knowledge or skills.  This pattern is easy enough for beginners.

Crochet Mittens

Easy to crochet mittens

Free pattern from Redheart

I found a great pattern from, pattern # WR2166.  These cute and easy crochet mittens were designed by Nancy Anderson.

They look great and are crocheted using single crochet stitches which makes them extra warm and cozy.  The pattern is available as a free download from Click here for pattern:   Mitten Pattern

I didn’t print out the pattern here since it is already available at

These easy crochet mittens can be made using a solid color or combining your favorite colors.   I chose to use a solid color from RedHeart Supersaver in Turqua color.  It’s a nice bright and cheerful color.  I plan to make several pairs to gift and donate to various charities.

Great project to take along to other activities

Another great thing about these crochet mittens is that they are a great project to work make when you are on the go.  Also, since it’s still pretty warm in August you can crochet mittens without getting hot as you would when working on larger projects such as afghans or blankets.

They are small enough where you can hold them in your hands without them ever having to be on your lap and make you warm.  Their size makes them ideal for taking in your project bag.  Waiting for appointments will be more productive when you have a project to work on.

Free Youtube Tutorial:

These easy crochet mittens are worked from the cuff up.  The cuff is long enough to be folded over on your wrist.

After the cuff is worked then you will begin to work the lower hand.  Then create the thumb opening, onto the upperhand and finally finishing with the thumb.   Don’t be intimidated with this project it is easy to make and complete.

With permission from my friends at,  I have created a free YouTube video tutorial which will take you step by step.   Many visual learners find it easier to follow along with a video.

This is also a great way to learn how to read patterns.  Go to and download your free written pattern and follow along with me.  In no time at all your mittens with be done and ready to be enjoyed.

Mittens along with hats also sell great at craft fairs, especially when made with the colors or local sports teams.  Happy Crocheting!

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The Best Ever Easter Egg Covers are easy to Crochet

You can have the best ever Easter Egg Hunt by crocheting these cute Easter Egg Covers.  They are so fun and easy to make.  Can you imagine your little one finding one of these fun little chicks and then realizing they hold a plastic egg full of goodies?  Kids of all ages will love them.

I had been knitting some of these cute Easter Egg Covers from a knitting pattern from my friend and knitting teacher Karalyn Rainey.  I posted a few pictures on my facebook page.  (By the way, go and follow me there)  I started getting requests to make a crochet version.  Of course, I wanted it to be fast and easy to make.

Crochet Chick Easter Egg Covers

Easy Crochet Chick Easter Egg Covers

I purchased plastic eggs from my local store.  I also purchased a variety of Easter candy to fill my plastic eggs with, however, a Cadbury Creme eggs (the ones that are wrapped in foil), fit into the chicks.  

You can choose either option.  Make sure you only put in candy that is already wrapped to protect your crochet Easter Egg Cover.   (Continued on next page).

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Easy Crochet Ribbed Hat – A beginner level Crochet Hat

An Easy Crochet Ribbed hat was on my list of projects.   With the weather finally turning a little chilly this month I have decided to write up a super easy crochet rib hat pattern.  I wanted it to be able to be easy enough for even beginners to crochet.  The hat is made in a flat panel so there is no need to know how to crochet in the round.  This one is probably one of the easiest and pretty crochet rib hats.

You can choose whatever type of yarn you want.   I used acrylic since I plan to give many of these hats to charity and as we all know not everyone has the time to hand wash.. lay flat to dry, etc.   Acrylic is so forgiving and easy to maintain.  I also like that there are so many colors available that you can find a color to suit just about anyone.  


Easy Crochet Ribbed Hat

Easy Crochet Ribbed Hat

You can adjust the length by just changing the number of beginning chains.  If you don’t want the brim (folded edge) to be so wide just start with fewer chains.  On the other hand, if you plan to wear it as a slouchy and want it longer just begin with more chains.


Supplies needed:

4 oz. of Medium weight yarn

J crochet hook (6.0mm)


yarn needle

measuring tape

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Easy to Crochet Messy Bun hat – Fun and Easy!

Yes, I got on the Messy Bun bandwagon

Today I want to share a pattern for an Easy to crochet “Messy Bun” hat.   I have received so many requests for an easy pattern.  

So, by popular demand here it is.  This is what I came up with for an “easy” pattern.  You can follow the instructions for rows 11-12 for a mock rib brim or just continue with double crochet for a plain edge hat.  

Either way, it looks and fits great.   You can customize the hat by choosing your own colors.  School colors, favorite colors or season colors make it so much better.   

I later realized that perhaps using this type of yarn might not have been the best choice.   Oh, well live and learn. 

Easy to crochet Messy Bun Hat

Easy Messy Bun Hat

Supplies Needed 

Approximately 3 1/2 ounces of Medium weight yarn.  I used  RedHeart Supersaver Cameo  – Color  Mirage


Yarn needle

Crochet Hook (I used a size I ) for larger heads use a J hook.   For children use an H hook

I apologize for this photo.  I was having technical issues and just couldn’t get my beautiful photo to upload so I was stuck using this one.  Boohoo 

If you prefer you can purchase an Ad-Free PDF pattern Here:

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