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Beautiful Crochet Messy Bun Hat with Shell Stitches

“Messy Bun” hat,. that is what I was thinking of this week.  I wanted to work on a Messy Bun” hat that I could use during warmer weather.   This is important because I live in Sunny Southern California and rarely have days that are cold enough to warrant wearing a hat.  Even our winters are usually mild.  This year thankfully we have received more rain than the last 15 years.  This is great because California has been in a severe drought for the past 5 years.

I want to be ready for the warmer weather and hopefully, by that time, my hair will have grown enough to put it in a pony-tail.   This post includes the written pattern and video link for my free YouTube video for those who prefer to watch a video.  If you want to purchase a low-cost  Ad-Free PDF pattern please click here:  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/shell-stitch-messy-bun-hat

Messy Bun Hat

Crochet “messy bun” hat

The inspiration for this hat while I was working on a shawl for my aunt.  I was using a shell stitch and thought about how I really like that stitch, especially when the shells increase each row.   I did a little few math calculations.  (Remember when you thought back in school that you would never use math?  Well, here I am using the stuff I learned back then.)  After a few attempt,  I came out with a hat that satisfied m.  I hope you enjoy this hat pattern.  I love how it kinda of has a little of a vintage look and it’s so sweet and feminine.

If you are a fan of “Messy bun” hats I shared an earlier version a few weeks ago.   That hat is so fast and easy and uses a simple “mock” ribbing edge.   If you want to see that post please click here:  https://allcraftschannel.com/2016/12/easy-crochet-messy-beanie.html

If you want to check out another one of my easy messy bun hat project click here:

Now to get started with this beautiful hat project.

Supplies for your Messy Bun hat:

Medium weight yarn 3 oz. (I used Redheart with Love in color: Bubble Gum)
6.0mm Crochet hook (Size J Hook)
yarn needle
Pony tail rubber band
yarn needle

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Easy to Crochet Flower Headbands

Crochet Flower Headbands are so quick and easy to make.  I’m aways looking for ways to use up my many partial skeins of yarn.  It seems those partially used skeins keep multiplying.  I hate to throw them away and sometimes there isn’t enough yarn to make a big or medium sized project.  I saw these little stretchy headbands at my local Dollar Tree store.  I liked them but they were just too plain.   I decided to add some crochet flowers to the headbands to make them a little fancier.   Here is what I came up with:  Crochet Flower Headbands.  

You can also just make the flowers and add them as embellishments on hats, scarfs, etc.  I have included the link for a free video tutorial on the last page of this post for visual learners.

Easy Crochet Flower

Crochet Flower Headband

Supplies needed for your Crochet Flower Headbands:

Stretchy headbands (purchase at store near you)

Small amount of yarn (approx. 3 oz.) of your favorite color.  You will need a minimum of 2 colors.  One for center and one for petals


yarn needle

stitch marker (optional)

Crochet Hook J/10  6.0m (for middle flower)

crochet hook H/ 5.0mm (for 2 side flowers)

The above flower cluster is made with 3 flowers.  One large one in the center and 2 small ones on the side.

To begin Crochet Flower Headbands:

(with contrasting color)  Magic circle, (leave a long tail to sew flower onto headband)  ch 1, 6 sc into circle, pull shut

Round 1:  (Working in front loop only)  sl st into 1st sc, (to close circle), sl st into next sc, *[ch 2, 3dc, ch 2, sl st into next st]* all in same stitch.  Petal made. Rep from * to * until you have completed 5 petals, sl st into same st.

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Today’s Project is a Robot Crochet hat

robot crochet hat showed  up this week.  (Insert Star Wars music here).  It’s a BB-8 Inspired hat.  A Robot Crochet Hat!

I have been a Star Wars fan since the beginning saga in the 70’s.   The whole idea of a fantasy world is always fun.  This past year Star Wars released their latest film “The Force Awakens.”   I have to admit that the last few Star Wars movies (Not the original series) was not really my favorites.  However, this last film “The Force Awakens” I really liked.

Robot Crochet hat

Robot  Crochet Hat


I found it refreshening and fun.  I really enjoyed the introduction of the new droid  BB-8.  I have been wanting to make a hat inspired by his fun personality but with so many other things going around that it has taken me this long to get around to finally crocheting one.  I hope you enjoy this Robot crochet hat. 

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Easy to make Paper Roses. Beautiful and Inexpensive Gifts

Paper Rose pen

Paper Roses

Paper Roses are fun and easy to make.

When we were kids we would make crepe PaperRoses.  They make fun and inexpensive gifts for Mother’s Day,  Teacher Gifts or Secretary’s Day.  You can make them as stand along roses or place them on the top of a pen for a fun and pretty alternative to a plain pen.   You can make several rose pens (in different colors) and place in a small cup that is then placed on top of a desk.  These are perfect as inexpensive gifts.  With so many teachers and other people to give gifts to sometimes staying within our household budgets can be a challenge.  These are pretty  and inexpensive gifts.

Make them in white instead of red for a fun sign in pen for showers, weddings, etc.   I purchased all supplies except the green crepe paper (couldn’t find any) and pens from my local Dollar Tree.   I also used a low temp glue gun (and glue sticks) that I had previously purchased at my local Michael’s store.


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Easiest Crochet Baby Slippers / Booties Ever!

 Easiest Baby Slippers.. Adjust to your needed size 

These are my easiest baby slippers / booties ever! Theses little slippers / booties are super fast to make and use very little yarn.

I used an acrylic medium weight yarn but the sizes could be adjusted. They work up so quickly you can re-make a new one in a different size if it doesn’t quite fit.

top down view of bootie
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