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Crochet a Granny Square Baby Sweater – Even beginners can make it!

Crochet Granny Square Baby Sweater – Sweet!

Granny Square Crochet Baby sweater

Even beginners can crochet this granny square baby sweater. Super easy and adorable.

Yes, you can crochet  a Baby sweater using only Granny squares.   By using only  basic granny squares and very easy sewing you can make this cute little crochet granny square baby sweater.    You will need 12 squares.

You can only any color combinations.  Here I used two colors a lilac and white.  If you like you can change colors on each row but I choose to work two rounds  of lilac with my last two rounds in white.  

I would recommend that you make your fourth row the same color on all your squares.  This will help to hide any seam work by using that same matching color to sew all your pieces together.  

This is a great way to use up your scraps of yarn as well.    If you don’t know how to sew your pieces together don’t worry I have included the link for an easy to follow video tutorial.  I show two methods for sewing your pieces together.  Choose whichever your prefer.  

This should fit a baby 6-9 months old.  If you need to make it bigger you could either  1)  Use a larger hook  2)  Add another row on the granny squares to make larger squares.  

Babies always need sweaters and this granny square crochet sweater makes a great gift.  It seems every time I give one of these as gifts they are really appreciated.   It works up pretty fast and people will be really impressed.  

One thing I also love about this is that they are versatile and can be customized for any baby.  Just simply choose your preferred colors.  Even camo yarn can be used for those babies of service members.  School colors are also a popular choice as are the traditional colors of pink for girls, blue for boys.  

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Crochet Baby Cardigan – Part of Baby Layette Set

Crochet Baby Cardigan

Crochet Baby Cardigan

Crochet Baby Cardigan

Whew!  The Crochet Baby Cardigan / sweater portion of my Crochet Along (CAL) is finally complete.  Today the last video for this item was uploaded.  This sweater is so cute and a little different than what you usually see.  I decided to use a LeisureArts baby layette pattern for this crochet along.    Each week I will be uploaded short video portions of the items.  This allows everyone time to complete that portion of the instructions before moving onto the next rows/rounds.   I can’t even imagine trying to film, edit and uploading the entire set in one video… Hmmm, it would be like 12 hours long.. no bueno, and not allowed by YouTube.

The pattern can be purchased from LeisureArts.com  (Click here to purchase pattern)  and will allow you to follow along with me.  It is also a great way to learn to read patterns or at least demystify them a little if you aren’t already a pattern reader.   Remember, reading patterns is just like any other skill.  It is something you need to learn and not an ability you automatically know.  It’s like riding a bike.  You weren’t born knowing how to ride a bike, but thru lots of practice (and falling) you eventually learned.   Now you can enjoy a bike ride whenever you want. ( Or circumstances allow).  It’s the same with reading written patterns as well as diagrams.

I am creating a course to teach you basic crochet stitches (some advanced), how to read patterns, diagrams, etc.    I am excited that soon it will be ready and available to everyone.   On the topic of the crochet course, what type of things would you want to see in it?  Please write it on the comments… i.e., new stitches, reading charts, working in rows/rounds,  reading diagrams, etc.

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