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New way to Yarn-Bomb.. well not exactly but totally Fun


Have you seen all those photos of yarn bombing?  I think it’s such a fun idea.  However since I am limited in my time I decided to do my own version.  I call it my “Project in a bag”   What I am doing is going around my city and other cities as I travel and hanging up these little bags.  They contain 1 of my printed patterns, 1 plastic crochet hook (in the size needed for the project) and 1 skein of yarn.  I am only choosing projects/patterns that use only 1 skein of yarn.  The supplies have been purchased by me and are not sponsored by any company so you will have different brand yarns in the bags.   I am also attaching my business card with a note on back that reads, “You found my gift.  Enjoy it!”  .

I left one of my little bags at a local park (they are in plastic to protect from water) and waited in the car to see if anyone would find it.  A lady walking her dog found it within five minutes.   She took it off the fence read the note and smiled ear to ear.  Her friend then read the note too.  They did a high five and left smiling ear to ear.  I love spreading yarn happiness.  : )

Be on the look out you may just find one of my bags in a town where you live. If you would like to enter for a chance to win one of my bags. (I will be giving away 10) then please do the following;   1) Become a member of this blog and 2) Leave a comment. Winner will be chosen in 2 weeks. The giveaway is open worldwide.  I know this isn’t the regular way to yarn bomb but I want to spread yarn happiness all around me.   Good luck.  

UPDATE:  Winners have been selected and notified

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