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Pretty, Fun and Easy Christmas Ornaments – Great for Kid Project

Photo of Christmas ornament using wire

Easy Christmas Ornament using Wire

Fun and Easy Christmas Ornaments.  

Before I had kids all my Christmas ornaments were made of glass.  Well at least the ones I bought at the store.  I have always enjoyed crafting and making my own Christmas ornaments but when I had kids the Christmas ornaments began to disappear year after year.  This was mainly due to the fact that they kept getting broken as we would decorate the tree with the kids.  This is a great tradition but it can be costly and even dangerous.   So reluctantly I moved onto plastic Christmas ornaments.   The first ones that came out were not that attractive and you could see the seams which was not good.   However with time these plastic Christmas ornaments have become quite good.

I like to make different Christmas ornaments each year and put up on a tree we use in the family room which is decorated only with homemade decorations.  I have decorations on that tree that were made with my children.  It always brings back happy memories when I see that tree.  I also have a separate tree in the living room with only store bought decorations or decorations that have been given to me by others.   This year I have been busy coming up with other decorating ideas.

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Online Courses coming soon!

I can’t believe it’s actually happening.  Thanks to everyones support and encouragement I have taken a giant leap.  (OK, it’s giant for me)  As many of you may know I’m not exactly what you would call a “techy”.  As a matter of fact I really struggle with this aspect of sharing my content with everyone.  You see I don’t come from a technology background and sometime I feel totally out of it.   There are times when I listen to people speaking about their sites and use terms like SEO traffic optimization, shopping-cart,  updates,  SSL, etc… to me it might as well be Greek.   I must admit that technology has always kinda scared me.

I don’t know if it’s part of getting older and being used to old school methods.  For example I still actually mail people letters.  Seriously, I love getting a letter in the mail.  Greeting cards are even better.  So, when technology has been a difficult transition.  However, you know what they say innovate or die.  I don’t want to die…… so I have done it.   I have joined the platform called “New Kajabi”    This has been a huge investment for me.   So far it seem easy enough for even me to use it.  What it will allow me to do is something that I have been working on for a very long time.  Create courses that are more detailed, better organized and easily accessible.  I have been searching for a platform that would allow me to do this and reach more people.  This is something that I am really excited about.   This is how it will work:  (OK, this is how I want it to work, fingers crossed.)   I create courses and projects you have requested and upload them to the platform.   I can organize them as single projects of complete courses with several modules.   The modules can include written patterns,  video tutorials,  user feedback, and tons of other great features such as subscriptions/memberships.

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Glass Mosaic Tile Mirror Frame – Home Decor

Home Decor Ideas – DIY Projects


Home Decor - DIY

Mosaic Glass Tile Mirror – Home Decor

 Do you want a chance to win this little mirror? Simple become a member of this site and write a comment below. Winner for various items will be chosen twice a week.

I love glass tiles especially for Home Decor.   Since the first time I saw it I fell in love.  The other day while browsing at my local Pier1 store I saw some frames that had glass mosaic tiles around the frame edges.  I thought they were gorgeous the only problem was the $24.99 price tag for a small 5×7 frame.  It did however inspire me to find a more economical way to make my own.   Home Decor shouldn’t have to be expensive.  I mean who doesn’t want home to look like something out of a HGTV magazine shoot.  Even Martha Stewart would love this idea.

I took a trip to my local Home Depot store and found lots of beautiful glass tiles.  A 12×12 square costs $14.99 and is enough to make several projects. (Depending on the size of your finished item).   I chose to purchase a 12×12 inch square.  It was already put together with small color squares glued onto a mesh background.  This is idea since I wouldn’t need to use a tile saw to cut the pieces.  If you use a different shape tile you may need to use a tile saw to cut.. who needs that headache.  Besides high powered saws freak me out.    I went to my local dollar store and was lucky enough to find a plain mirror.  Bingo!  I had an idea.    Here is what I did.    This can also work with a plain picture frame as well.  You are only limited by your imagination.  I’m making one with little stones next.  I love to decorate my home and these easy home decor ideas are sure to be a winner.   These would be great to make for use when staging a home for sale.

Materials needed:

E600 glue                                                        Mirror (or plain picture frame)

Mosaic glass tiles                                           X-acto knife or blade to cut tile strips

(or tile of your choice)

 DIY – Home Decor –  Instructions:

Step one:  Clean the surface or your mirror or frame  and let dry completely

Step two:  Cut out your strips.  I used a strip with 2 rows but you can do one row. Trim off excess mesh from edges.

Step 3:  Dry fit your strips and trim off excess tiles

Step 4:  Glue tile strips using E600 glue.  (Please use E600 glue only in a well ventilated area).  Let dry overnight

Step 5:   Hang and Enjoy!

That’s it, I told you Home Decor using Mosaic Glass tiles doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.  What other uses can you find for these beautiful glass tiles?

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