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A Poem I wrote

Since today is Friday I wanted to share something different with all of you.  This is a short poem I wrote a few years ago.  I am no poet but I enjoy putting my thoughts down on paper especially after those “lightbulb” moments.   I hope you enjoy it and that it helps make your day a a little better.  I love you all so much.  You are the reason I keep creating.

The Path
By:   Yolanda Soto-Lopez

The path is clear for I now can see.
This truth has been here all along.
Unknown by most and loved by some,
Yet few will ever really perceive.

I try to deny it or make any excuse yet now I too can see.
The life that I live, is the life I create….It’s really all up to me.

No one else,  just me…
and the truth of this now sets me free.
No other else can go for I alone
can hear the call  for it is my own.

So I swallow my pride and I conquer my fears
and I try to release all the good that’s within me.

I wear a smile.  I fight back the tears,
for the time has now come to steer my own  ship.

None other can go or plot my course
for that task is for me alone.
Its time go forth for the truth is now clear,
that time has now come to finally be Me”.

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Great News! The Odds ARE stacked in your favor!

Choosing Yarns from my yarn shelves

Yarn Storage

I have some Great News for you.  The Odds are stacked in your favor!

I wanted to share something little different with you today.  This is a post from an old blog I used to have a few years ago.  With all the pressure of being liked and with social media our self-esteeem and self love can really take a toll.  Being able to judge yourself fairly is oftentimes difficult.  We seem to be our own worse critics.  What others might see as minor flaws when we see ourselves we are much more critical with ourselves than we are with others.  The good news is that the odds are stacked in your favor.  I don’t usually share personal thoughts but I hope you enjoy it.    I originally shared this back in 2011.

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