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Learn to Knook – First 2 Lessons

Learn to Knook Kit

Knook Kit from Leisure Arts

Learn to Knook.  

Do you want to learn to knook but thought it was too hard.  It’s easier than you think and it creates beautiful “knit” look items.  I have seen the knook kits around and several people have commented they wanted to learn how to use them.  Since I knit I didn’t find much need for learning.  However, after receiving so many requests for tutorials I decided to try it out.  My friends at  LeisureArts.com were kind enough to send me several sets to try out.   I have played around with them a while back but then life got busy and I didn’t have time to really try them out.

This week I uploaded 2 new videos on learning to knook.   They are short videos that hopefully explain how this little hook creates the same stitches as traditional knitting.   The first video will teach you how to create the “knit” stitch.   Click below to watch it.

Purchase your own Knook here:   Knook Kit  (Affiliate Link)

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial the link is on the next page.

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