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Can You Really Use Social Media to grow your Business? Yes, you can!

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business.  Here are a few tips.

It seems that everyday another social media platform comes around.   With so many platforms out there it can be confusing and even overwhelming.  For people like myself who are technology challenged it can seem even worst.   Sometimes I just want to put my head down and hide.   I must admit that I’m not the type of person who jumps on the bandwagon quickly.  I’m not what you would call an early adopter.   This has actually been a good and a bad thing.  On the good side: Did you know that recently a new app or was it a platform (I don’t know but doesn’t matter now) known as “Peach”  actually launched and went out of business within a few hours of launching their business. (Read article here )  On the bad side:  I am sometimes the last to get on board and get on board kinda late.   However with time I have come to realize that this is the world I now live in.  A world where everything seems to scream out for my attention.  What is a woman to do?

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