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Crochet Cactus Home Decor. Fun and Ouchie Free!

Crochet Cactus as home decor are such a fun project.   These little crochet cactus  are a great way to use up your yarn scraps.  Using different shades of green also helps to make them more interesting and realistic.    I love the fact that the supplies needed for this project are inexpensive and easy to find.   You can make several of them and place them on a window sill or on a mantle.  Mix them in with “real” plants for fun.

These little Crochet Cactus don’t require watering, any maintenance and best of all they are Ouchie Free.  If Ouchie a word?  Well it was around my house when my kids were growing up.   I hope you enjoy this project.  Be sure to share this post with your friends and family. Keep reading to get more info and the free written pattern.  (I have uploaded a video tutorial if you prefer to watch the video on the last page of this post ).

Crochet Cactus

Crochet Cactus Home decor Project

I recently went on a trip to Texas.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a fun trip.  My uncle passed away and we traveled to attend his funeral.  While traveling we did stop at several rest areas and shops.  I kept seeing small bowls of different types of cacti.  They are so pretty but I was apprehensive about all the thorns.  I didn’t feel comfortable having to store them up in a box (they wrap them in newspapers) and then unwrapping them when we got home.  I did love the idea of having a few and how beautiful they look.  Several even having little flowers.  What’s a great to do?  Crochet your own of course.  Here is what I came up with.

You will need the following supplies for your Crochet Cactus:

scraps of yarn in various shades of green (you can make them all one shade)

Scraps of colorful yarn for the flowers (flowers are optional)


stitch marker

polyfiber stuffing (you can also use cotton)

1 small glass container (I purchased mine at my local  Dollar Tree store)

small pebbles ((I purchased mine at my local Dollar Tree store)

yarn needle

Crochet Hook size H/ 5.0mm for the cactus

Crochet Hook size  B / 2.25mm for flowers

bamboo cooking skewers or straws (to hold cactus inside the rocks)

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Easy to make Paper Roses. Beautiful and Inexpensive Gifts

Paper Rose pen

Paper Roses

Paper Roses are fun and easy to make.

When we were kids we would make crepe PaperRoses.  They make fun and inexpensive gifts for Mother’s Day,  Teacher Gifts or Secretary’s Day.  You can make them as stand along roses or place them on the top of a pen for a fun and pretty alternative to a plain pen.   You can make several rose pens (in different colors) and place in a small cup that is then placed on top of a desk.  These are perfect as inexpensive gifts.  With so many teachers and other people to give gifts to sometimes staying within our household budgets can be a challenge.  These are pretty  and inexpensive gifts.

Make them in white instead of red for a fun sign in pen for showers, weddings, etc.   I purchased all supplies except the green crepe paper (couldn’t find any) and pens from my local Dollar Tree.   I also used a low temp glue gun (and glue sticks) that I had previously purchased at my local Michael’s store.


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Help! I need you to participate in our annual Hat & Scarf Drive

I am writing this post to ask for help.  That’s right, I can’t do it alone.  For over a decade now my husband and I have been supporting the Lily of the Valley orphanages in Mexico.  There are 3 total (so far).  1 is located in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico and 2 others are located in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.   Each Christmas I like to coordinate a Hat and scarf drive for the children of the orphanages.   This is a chance for children to receive a new hat and scarf set made with love.   This year once again I am running the drive.   We are in need of hats and scarfs for both sexes and for ages Infant to 18 years of age.
You can make any style of hat.  It can be crochet, knit, loom, or sewn.  Our goal is to receive 800 sets.  This will ensure that each child will receive a set.  I would also like to request baby blankets (approximately 33 x 35 inches) or lap afghans for the younger children.  Many people seem surprised to learn that Mexico has some very cold regions.  Not every part is tropical.   I hope you will consider participating.

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Flower Friday is here! Flower #4

It’s  Flower Friday.  Today I am sharing this easy primrose flower.  I have used 2 colors for this flower.  One color for the center and one for the petals.   You can use any size hook and yarn weight you prefer.  The color choices are all up to you.

To begin:  With center color,  ch 4, join with sl st into 1st ch to form circle.

Rnd 1:  ch 4, (counts as dc, ch 1), *1 dc into circle, ch 1* rep from * to * 6 times, sl st into 3rd ch of beg 4 chains

Rnd 2:  join new color in any ch-1 sp, ch 2 (counts as first hdc), [ 1dc, 1tr,  1dc, 1hdc] in same sp, [1 hdc 1 dc, 1 tr, 1 dc, 1 hdc] in each ch-1 sp around, sl st to beg ch-2 (8 petals)

Rnd 3: ch 1, *[2 sc in next st] 4 times, sl st next st, rep from*,  * to *, 7 more times, sl st into first sc, fasten off, sew in tails.

I have included the  link for the YouTube Video link:

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