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Pretty, Fun and Easy Christmas Ornaments – Great for Kid Project

Photo of Christmas ornament using wire

Easy Christmas Ornament using Wire

Fun and Easy Christmas Ornaments.  

Before I had kids all my Christmas ornaments were made of glass.  Well at least the ones I bought at the store.  I have always enjoyed crafting and making my own Christmas ornaments but when I had kids the Christmas ornaments began to disappear year after year.  This was mainly due to the fact that they kept getting broken as we would decorate the tree with the kids.  This is a great tradition but it can be costly and even dangerous.   So reluctantly I moved onto plastic Christmas ornaments.   The first ones that came out were not that attractive and you could see the seams which was not good.   However with time these plastic Christmas ornaments have become quite good.

I like to make different Christmas ornaments each year and put up on a tree we use in the family room which is decorated only with homemade decorations.  I have decorations on that tree that were made with my children.  It always brings back happy memories when I see that tree.  I also have a separate tree in the living room with only store bought decorations or decorations that have been given to me by others.   This year I have been busy coming up with other decorating ideas.

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