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Crochet motif Tutorial – Sea Foam / Ocean Waves

Photo crochet seafood stitch

Crochet Sea Foam Pattern

Crochet Motif of a Sea Foam Stitch/Ocean Waves

I decided to share this Crochet Motif of the Sea Foam Stitch (also known as Ocean Waves) today.  I’m always on the look out for new motif’s I can use for various projects.  Since it’s summer now and the weather has warmed up I wanted to a summertime baby blanket.  I will be using cotton yarn.  Although it’s still summer there are times you still need a blanket to cover up a sleeping baby.  I didn’t want to make something too heavy.   I went thru all my previous projects to look for something that would fit the bill.  I really liked this one.   Some books call it Sea foam and some call it ocean waves.

Here is a sample (2 pattern repeat) of the sea foam motif.   I made one of these blankets a few years ago.  You can use any size hook and type of yarn.  Just make sure the hook is appropriate for the yarn weight.  Since this will be a baby blanket I used a weight 3 cotton yarn and a G hook.  You can use whatever hook and yarn you prefer.  I used 2 colors and changed color on row 6 of pattern.  You can use as many colors as you like or stay with one solid color.  Using multiple colors is a good way to use up your yarn stash.

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