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Embellish Plain T-shirts and other items

 tshirt embellishment2

Wondering what to do with plain t-shirts? I bought this at Michael’s when they were having a sale. Plain t-shirts were $2.00 each! You can’t beat the price, but unfortunately pretty plain Jane. I liked the V-neck shape. Don’t worry my crochet hook came to the rescue. I decided to embellish the v neck section with 3 roses and 2 leaves. I used simply soft caron for both roses and leaves. You can use whatever medium weight yarn you have available.  You can choose your own colors too.     You can use any size hook (I used a G Hook) and yarn you like (I used a medium weight acrylic yarn).  The bigger the hook the bigger your flowers and leaves.

If you are a visual learner the video step-by-step tutorials are available on my YouTube channel.  I have included the links below.


To begin:  Chain 16

Row 1: 1 sc in each chain, beginning in 2nd chain from hook

row 2: ch 3, [3dc into same ch] ch 3, sl st into next ch, ch 3, 3dc into next ch, ch 3, sl st into next ch (rep 2 times), ch 3, 2dc into next 2 ch, ch 3, sl st into next ch (rep 3 times), sl st into last ch, fasten off. (leave tail to be able to sew into piece). You should have a total of 6 petals

Roll up the strip beginning with the edge with the 3dc series of stitches.. sew the bottom edge of flower. Now you can sew it onto any of your projects.

Small Leaf:

To begin:  loosely chain 10  (You will be working on both sides of your beginning 10 chains)

Rnd 1: 1 sc into 2nd ch from hook, hdc into next ch, 1 dc into next ch, 1 trc into next 3 ch, dc into next ch, hdc into next ch, 3sc in last ch.

Now you will begin working on the other side of your beginning 10 chains). hdc into next ch, dc into next ch, 1 trc, into next 3 ch, dc into next ch, sc into next ch, sl st into last ch. Fasten off, sew in tails.

Links for video tutorials below:

Tutorial link for rose:     https://youtu.be/fJFgCscRylE

Tutorial link for leaf:      https://youtu.be/3sK9a6mDy9A

No more plain t-shirts. Ahhh, I love easy solutions. This would also work great for embellishing hats, scarfs, aghans, etc. Or even as a cute pin. Try it on your plain shirts and let me know how they turn out.    Happy Embellishing!


p.s. –  I shared this tip back in 2013.. but it’s still one of my favorite ideas.

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