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Learn to Crochet Cables and jazz up your work

Photo of crochet cables

Basic Crochet Cables

Learn to Crochet Cables

Have you admired crochet cables?  Want to learn to crochet them? Well you are in luck.  Todays post is all able crochet cables.

Are you wanting to take your crochet skills up a little?  One of the many ways to do that is to learn new stitches and techniques.   Cables seem to be a favorite of people.   I must admit that I rarely crochet cables since I knit.  Usually my cable patterns all come from knitting.  However, on occasion I will use a cable to jazz up little sweater or maybe afghan or scarf.   Making cables is a good way to embellish a project.  Here I will show a basic cable but the same techniques would be used for more complicated cables.  This is just a basic cable with only the two strands that twists or criss crosses over itself.   In this post you can learn to crochet basic cables 

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