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Bernat Blanket Stitch along – Clue 2 / Week 2

Today I share Clue 2/ Week 2 of the Bernat Blanket Stitch Along.

For the second week’s clue, I chose a different contrast color than week 1.  For this week’s clue,  I am using Contrast color 2 which in case,  is the Bernat Blanket Yarn in Antique White.   I love how this design looks.  It is not something you usually see.

This is a pattern you don’t see very often.  I suspect it might be because people see how gorgeous it is and become intimidated to try to stitch it.  However, I have made every effort to ensure that the video tutorial goes slowly enough for everyone to be able to understand how this stitch is created.    After viewing the video you will hopefully be able to fully understand this stitch and in no time you will be a total pro.  I will share the written pattern and the chart for those who prefer working off of charts.  Either way, I have you covered. Remember, you can stop the video and rewind to view it as many times as you need.  There is also a little gear icon in the lower right-hand side of the video which when selected will allow you to change the speed at which the video plays.  The drop down menu for this icon include a setting for video speed.

Remember, you can stop the video and rewind to view it as many times as you need.  There is also a little gear icon in the lower right-hand side of the video which when selected will allow you to change the speed at which the video plays.  The drop down menu for this icon include a setting for video speed.

Here is a sneak peak at this week’s beautiful clue.

Week 2 - / Clue 2 of Bernat blanket  stitch along

Bernat Blanket Stitch Along Week 2 – / Clue 2 of bernat stitch along


This pattern reminds me of candy.  The stitch may be new to some knitters.  This is also a great pattern to use for scarfs or afghans.   The texture is so beautiful.   Using the Bernat Blanket yarn makes it look like little marshmallows.   How yummy!

If you haven’t purchased your supplies yet there is still time to join the fun.  Please sure to visit  http://Joann.com and purchase your supplies today.  The knit and crochet versions have different supply requirements.   There are some color selections that are exclusive to Joann retailers.   If you want more information about this fun Mystery Blanket Stitch Along please visit Stitch Along Supply List and info.  In this page your be able to download each week’s clue, supplies list, written patterns and all pertinent information.   Joann’s has also created a special event page on Facebook for both knitters and crocheters.  On this Facebook page you will be able to upload photos, ask questions, share your progress and be inspired by each other.  Joann’s has created this page as a fun community for everyone participating in this Stitch-Along.  Please be sure to visit and link this page today:   https://www.facebook.com/bernatstitchalong/?fref=ts

If you are a visual learner I have uploaded a video tutorial that goes stitch by stitch and may help you better understand this week’s clue.     Please be sure to share this post with your friends.  Enjoy!   Yolanda

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Bernat Stitch Along is Here! Today I share the first clue

The Bernat Stitch Along is Here!  It has finally arrived.  Today I share Week 1 / Clue 1 of the Bernat Mystery Blanket Stitch Along.   If you haven’t purchased your supplies yet it isn’t too late.    Just visit your local Joann Fabric and Craft Store or go online to:  Joann.com to purchase your Bernat Blanket yarn today.  There are some colors that are only available thru Joann retailers.

Here is a sneak peek at the clue.   As you can see it is a beautiful diagonal rib design.  DO NOT be intimidated by this pattern.  It is created using only a Knit and Purl stitch.  It is just the sequence of those stitches that creates this beautiful pattern.  The great thing about this blanket is that there is no sewing.  It is a knit as you go.  One of my least favorite things is having to seam pieces together as finishing them.  This blanket design eliminates that.   Once you’re finished other than sewing in any tails you will be ready to enjoy your blanket.  That is my kind of knitting fun.

If you have been wanting to learn to knit I would recommend you watch the videos.  I knit Continental style which I believe is an easier style for crocheters to use when learning to knit.  Since most crocheters (ok, right handed people) already hold the yarn in their left hand and continental knitting requires you to hold the yarn with your left hand you are already ahead of the tension game.   Meaning you are already used to having the working yarn on your left hand and controlling the yarn tension with your left hand.  It might make it easier to learn.  I also think it is a much faster knitting method once your learn and build speed.   The most important thing is not to be intimidated.  Knitting just like crocheting merely requires some instruction, patience and practice.   In no time you will be a pro.  Don’t give up!


knit_along_week1_final-jpg Bernat Stitch Along – Week 1 Clue 1

Bernat Stitch Along Supplies and Info:

As you can see I have chosen the Teal color for my first week’s clue work.   I love how soft this Bernat Blanket Yarn feels.  It reminds me of a soft mini-marshmallow.   When you visit the Joann website you will be able to download the written pattern along with the knitting charts.  Here is the link:

Joann supplies and info page     The yarn supplies needed for the knit and crochet versions are different so be sure to check the version that you are going to be following.  Both blankets are completely different so if you crochet and knit you can choose to do both.  There is no repeat.   I also wanted to remind everyone that Joann’s has created a special Facebook event page for both knitters and crocheters.  There you will be able to see and post photos, share your progress, and ask questions.  It is a fun community and a great way to get support and help each other on this adventure.     Here is the page:   Bernat Stitch Along Facebook Page   I will also be posting some updates on my own Facebook Fan page.  Please be sure to visit my page and become a fan.  I also will be doing some Facebook Live videos for you.   Click here to become a fan:  All Crafts Channel Facebook Fan Page

Some of your favorite  knitters and crocheters  will also be participating and blogging along.   Kristin Magnus of Good Knit Kisses  will be knitting along and sharing her progress with all of you.   Sarah Zimmerman of RepeatCrafterMe  will be stitching the crochet version and sharing her experiences.  I hope you will join me and all of the knitters and crocheters who  are participating.  It won’t be any fun without you.   I will sign off now to give you a chance to go and watch the video on YouTube or you can click on the video below.   Good luck!


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