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Filming the balloon Drop. Sometimes I just want to have fun

Filming the Balloon Drop was more work than we ever imagined

Sometimes I just want to have fun.  I enjoying creating video tutorials and sharing the things I love to make with others.   As many of you may know my main focus has been on my YouTube channel “All Crafts Channel”.   I like to make videos where I share the crafts I enjoy.    I have been starting to feel a little boring lately so I decided to film a fun channel intro.    Together with my son and husband I filmed a new intro this week.  We filmed a Balloon Drop for our intro.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.36.18 PM

I must admit it appeared much more spectacular in my mind…. Yeah, I had delusions of grandeur.   First we had to gather all the supplies we would need to film the intro.   We inflated 50+ balloons the old fashioned way;  Lung Power.   My husband suffered a little light headedness but we got all the balloons inflated.  We also used party-poppers and confetti guns for the shoot.   If you listen carefully you can hear them popping in the background.    In order to release the balloons we have to set up a backdrop frame and draped a large sheet over it.  We then poured (carefully) the inflated balloons onto the sheet which was being held up by my husband and son.  They stood up on step-stools.   I then ran to the camera and started filming.   Once I said the tag line my husband and son released the balloons.   After releasing the balloons they (and I) set off the party poppers.  I used a confetti gun which was purchased at Smart-n-Final store.  My husband also had a confetti gun.  My son set off most of the party poppers.     Oh, did I mention that we were in the middle of a heat wave.. and it was super hot in the living room.

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