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Bernat Stitch-Along / Final Clue and Reveal

The Bernat Stitch-Along is now complete.   Today I share the final clue.  I can’t believe how quickly has passed.  Here we are four weeks later and the final clue is now being revealed.   I love the fact that there was no seaming of pieces in this beautiful blanket.  Each week’s clue has built on the previous clue until today the final blanket is revealed.

Bernat Stitch-Along Knit Blanket

Bernat Mystery Stitch Along – Knit blanket


Each week in this Stitch-Along I have shared a different clue.  The result has been that you were able to learn  how to knit new stitch design and for others who were already familiar with these patterns you were able to practice these stitch techniques.  The Stitch-Along has also allowed me to be able to share some tips, tricks, and techniques I use to simply the knit patterns.   I have made every effort to be able to demonstrate the techniques in a way that even beginners can have success.  Remember, just like any other skill knitting takes practice.  Don’t give up or get discouraged if it was a little challenging for you.  These designs and techniques are new to many people. With practice and patience,  you will be able to master any knit design.

Be sure to take plenty of breaks so that you don’t fatigue your hands.  Also, taking breaks will ensure that you are fresh and ready to knit.  I know knitting can be addicting and I struggle to remind myself to get up after 20 minutes or so and stretch my hands and maybe walk around the room.

Stitch-Along / This  Week’s Clue:

This week the clue shared was a border.  Not just a plain border but a beautiful cable border.  The techniques that were used allowed us to attach the border without sewing.  You can get this week’s written pattern and charts from Joann’s website.  Be sure to select the clue for either the crochet or knit design depending on which you are completing.   Here is the link:  Weekly Clues

For the blanket border,  we will be using a cable needle or hook.  I prefer to use a hook, especially for beginners.   In this week’s video tutorial I show you some tips on how to evenly pick up stitches over a long area.  I share how I divide the area up and then pick up the stitches.  I also share how I ensure I am picking up the correct stitches.   Since the pattern is made without seaming we will be picking up stitches as we go along.  The process is divided into 2 steps.   (picking up the stitches and then adding the border).

I created a mini-swatch of the previous week’s patterns so that I could better demonstrate how to add our border.  Using the full size blanket would not have allowed me to show the entire piece within the view area of my camera.  I thought that using the mini-blanket would be a good way to demonstrate where to begin, how to divide my spaces for picking up stitches and to add the remaining border areas and in which order.

Any of the knit designs shared during the first three weeks can be used for creating other size blankets as well.   Just be sure to keep in mind the pattern repeat and then cast on enough stitches to get the desired width of your blanket be sure that number can be evenly divided by the number of your stitch pattern repeat.

Thank You

I want to thank Joann’s Craft and Fabric store  for allowing the great honor of serving as your knit host.  If you haven’t participated in this Stitch-Along there is still plenty of time.  The videos and patterns will be available at the Stitch Along site:  Stitch Along Info Site   Joann’s has also created a special Facebook event page.  This page is being shared by both knitters and crocheters.  This is a fun community where you can ask questions, share your process, encourage others and receive inspiration.   Facebook Stitch Along Page

If you are a visual learner or would like to see a this week’s clue demonstrated please pick on the video below.


If you enjoyed this Bernat Mystery Blanket Stitch-Along please be sure to post a comment here and on the Facebook event page.  This will let our sponsor Joann’s Craft and Fabric store know that you appreciated this Stitch Along.   It has been so much fun to be a part of this Stitch-Along.  I love to knit and to be able to share the joy of knitting with others.  Thank you and enjoy your beautiful blanket.  : )

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Let’s celebrate 2016 with a Giveaway – Crochet and Knit Animal Lovie Books!


Let’s celebrate 2016 with a giveaway.  A choice of my Crochet or Knit Animal Lovie Blanket books.. woohoo!

I can’t believe it’s already 2016 and almost the end of January!  Where does the time go?  It seems the older I get the faster time seems to go.  I remember being a small child and feeling like a year to forever to end.  I wanted it to get to the end of course because that meant Christmas.   2015 was full of so many fun and new experiences.  One of them of course was release of my Crochet Animal Lovie book.   Later that year I completed a Knit Animal Crochet book which was released this month January 2016.   Some of you may have already seen it.

Both books are available at Joann’s,  Hobby Lobby and Walmart.  Some people have told me they have found it at other stores as well.  The Crochet Animal Lovie book also has a mini-book format that is available for sale only at Wal-Mart.  Unfortunately the Knit Animal Lovie book will not be made into the mini-book format.    Both books are also available for purchase online from LeisureArts.com   They also have a downloadable version.

I want to host a giveaway to welcome in 2016.  I will be giving away 3 signed copies of my Animal Lovie book.  The winners will be able to choose either the Crochet or Knit version.  I realize that everyone does both so this will give everyone a chance to choose the book the prefer.

To enter this giveaway just

1) become a member of this blog (It’s free and your info is never shared)  and

2)  add a comment below.  Something like “I want to win the Crochet Animal Lovie book”  or  knit book.

That’s it.   In 7 days I will choose the winners.  I will announce the winners with a follow-up blog post AFTER the winners have been notified.   The giveaway is opened worldwide.

These lovies are so fun and addictive to make.  They make perfect  gifts.   I hope you will enter the giveaway today and Good Luck!

P.S.- Be sure to share the post with your crafting friends.  Sharing is caring!  XOXO


Crochet Lovie Book

Crochet Lovie Book

Crochet Lovie Book

Crochet Lovie Book

Knit Lovie Book

Knit Lovie Book

Knit Lovie Book

Knit Lovie book by Yolanda Soto-Lopez


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