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Crochet – “Despicable Me” Minion Inspired Hat

Crochet Despicable Me Hat

Crochet Despicable Me Hat

Crochet – “Despicable Me” Minion Inspired Hat

The Minions have been a hit for quite a  while now.   I wanted to crochet a hat that was inspired by them.  This hat uses basic stitches although I have added some 3D features to help your hat stand out.  I made a YouTube Video tutorial and have provided the links for you.  At this time I only have the written pattern available on my Revelry store.  If you would like to purchase your pattern here is the link:

If you are a visual learner my YouTube video tutorials are available to help.  It’s a great idea to download the written pattern and follow along as I work the hats on the videos.  This will teach you how patterns are written and is a good aide in learning to read patterns if you don’t already know how to do that.

To view the video tutorials please go to the next page.

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Easy to Crochet Headband

This Crochet Headband is fast and easy to craft.  You can choose colors to match your own wardrobe.  Just by changing your hook size and the number of rows you add you can adjust the size of your headband.  A headband is also another way that I use up yarn scraps.  As you all know, I hate throwing away partially used yarn skeins.  I also like to keep a little basket full of different types of flowers.  Making a headband allows me to use up these scraps of yarn and at the same time make something useful.  By adding different types of embellishment a plain headband can be dressed up.  You can use roses, or another of type of flower.  


Medium weight yarn in your choice of color.
Hook:  I/9  5.5 mm  
yarn needle
To begin:  Ch 10
Row 1:  1hdc in ea st beginning in 2nd ch from hook
Row 2 – 5: ch 1, hdc in same st, 1 hdc in ea st
Row 6-10:  Ch 3, dc in same st, dc in ea st
Row 11-20:  Ch 3, DC in same st, 1 dc in ea st to end,  last dc into 3rd ch of turning ch
(For children only:    11-18 rows of the above row)
Row 21- 25:  ch 3, dc2tog, dc in ea st, last dc in 3rd  ch of training chains
(For children only:  19-23 of the above row)
Row  26:  ch 1, hdc in same st, 1 hdc in ea st
Row 27-29:  ch 1, hdc in same st in next 3 st, ch 1, skip 1 st, 1hdc in ea remaining st
Row 30:  Ch 1, 1hdc in ea st,  fasten off
Flowers are optional.   Choose from a list from my playlist :

If you prefer a video tutorial click on the link below;

If you want to add a Rose please check out this post:

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Patriotic Crochet Coasters – 4th of July

4th of July Crochet Coasters

patriotic coasters

4th of July coasters

Crochet these fun and patriotic coasters.  They make the perfect hostess gift.  They work up very fast and are easy to make.   Using only basic stitches and medium weight yarn in Red, White and Blue.   Just toss them into the washer or wash by hand if they get dirty.  You can have these be a take away gift after your 4th of July or other patriotic holiday parties.   They are also a great way to use up all your yarn scarps.


Medium worsted weight yarn in  Red, White and Blue
Hook:  Size   J/ 6.0 mm
To Begin:   Magic circle   or ch 5, sl st into 1stch
Round  1:  Ch 3 (counts as 1 DC),  17 dc into circle, (Change  color to white before slipping thru 3rdch) sl st into 3rd ch
Round  2:   Ch 1, (work tails into work here and thru out), hdc into same st,  2hdc, *hdc into next 2 st, 2hdc* repeat from * to *,  sl st into 1st st  (Change  color to red before slipping thru 1st st)
Round 3:  ch 1, *hdc into next 2 st, 2hdc, 2hdc*, repeat from * to *,  2hdc into last st, sl st into 1stst (Change  color to white before slipping thru 1st st)
Round 4: ch 1, *hdc in the next 3 st, 2hdc*, repeat from * to *, 1hdc into last 3 st, (Change  color to red before slipping thru 1st st), sl st into first st
Round 5:  Ch 1, *1hdc into next 4 st, 2hdc* repeat from * to *, *, 1hdc into last 3 st, fasten off, sew in your tails
Stars into center of blue circle are optional:  Embroider stars into blue center using white embroidery floss, or take your 4 ply yarn, pull 2 plys off and use as embroidery thread.
Happy 4th of July !

Prefer a video tutorial?  Click on the link below


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Protect your crochet, knit and other delicates while washing

Protect your crochet items while washing

Protect your crochet and knit items while washing

Keep your Crochet and Knit Items safe in the wash 

In a perfect world all of our treasured handcrafted knit, crochet or sewn items would be gently and lovingly washed by hand.  Laid to dry flat over a flat drying rack and then carefully placed back into our wardrobes.

Ahhhh…. enter the real world.  With jobs, rushed scheduled and then throw in a few kids and the hand washing days might be a faint memory.   Well, here is one way to help protect your clothing.  Remember those hoisery bags we used to put our nylons and other unmentionables?  Do people even still use those?

Well it turns out those bags are the perfect way to protect all of your handcrafted items.  You work so hard and put so much time and love into creating all of your beautiful things to see them ruined in the wash.  OK, I know we would all just LOVE to be able to hand wash but the reality is that most of us don’t have the time.

Enter the little hoisery bag to the rescue.  Make sure you get a bag that has a zipper.  I think those work best.  Place your crochet items inside the bag (turn it inside out first- if possible).  Now put your bag into your washing machine.  I still recommend you set your washer to a delicate setting.   Then take out your items and place to dry flat on either a towel or flat drying rack.  Some acrylic yarns can be dried in the drying machine just be sure to set on a low temperature and remove promptly to avoid wrinkles and stretching.

This is especially great for people with young children or babies.  It keeps your precious items safe.

I hope you try this tip.  It has helped save many of my clothing items.

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