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Learn to Sew Fabric Lining to your Crochet and Knit Blankets

Fabric Lining on Crochet Items

fabric Lining on Crochet Items

Learn To Sew Fabric Lining to your Crochet and Knit Blankets

In this post I will share how to Sew a fabric lining to  your crochet and knit items.    Today I uploaded a video tutorial on my youtube channel that many people have requested.  I have gotten this question so many times.  How do you sew a lining to a crochet or knitted blanket without ruining it?   Well, in today’s video I show you how I do it.

There is no need to be afraid of your sewing machine.  Using a few little tricks you can sew a fabric lining to your work easily and quickly.   I recommend blocking your blanket first to get a true size.  This is important since you will need to know what size to cut your fabric lining.  In the video I demonstrated on a 12 inch granny square (for filming purposes).  The concept is the same with all sizes.

First you will need to work at least 2 rows of single crochet all the way around your piece.   (for knitted pieces I work 2 knitted stitched on each edge, right and left of each row.   I also work the first two rows and last two row in the knitted stitch. This gives me a new edge to sew).  There are several ways you can sew a lining to crochet and knit blankets.  I demonstrate how to do this using a sewing machine.  However, it is still possible to do the same thing by sewing the lining on by hand.   Not having a sewing machine doesn’t mean you can’t sew linings to your projects.  You can also use this same technique to sew linings to bags or other items.

Here is the link for the video.  It explains the whole process.  I hope you enjoy it and that your find it helpful. Continue Reading →

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Crochet Baby Layette Set / Bonnet

Crochet Baby Layette Set

The first video for the crochet baby bonnet was uploaded this morning.   This is the bonnet in the Leisure Arts Crochet baby layette set.  The set includes the sweater, baby bonnet, booties and blanket.  Previously the crochet sweater was completed.  All videos for that are available on my youtube channel. 

You will need to purchase the pattern from LeisureArts to be able to follow along in order to have all stitch counts.  It is available for only $5.99 USD.  Click here to purchase pattern:  Click Here to purchase your pattern    I am not being paid by LeisureArts to produce these videos.  I do get a small commission for patterns purchased thru this affiliate link.

baby layette

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Online Courses, New Book and other news!

Wow, is all I can say.  Things have really been crazy here.  I have so many projects going on that my head is spinning.  I’m sorry I haven’t been able to update this blog in a couple weeks.

Update1:  My Crochet Book “Animal Lovie Blankets”  Is now also available at Hobby Lobby and a smaller versions are now available at Wal-Mart.  That is super exciting since my granddaughter saw them and was so proud of Grandma Yoli.  It makes my heart happy to see her smiling face.   You can purchase your copy at:  Joannes, Hobby Lobby, Walmart and Michaels.    It is also available as a digital download from Leisure Arts.  Click here to purchase.  

Update 2:  I am in the processing of writing down a lot of my patterns.  It has been a slow process since I now have about 550 of them to write down.. (test) and photograph the items.  Hopefully that will be done within the next year.  I want to be able to make them available for everyone.

Update 3:  I am also working on the videos for a Crochet Course.  I asked everyone a few weeks ago what they wanted to learn.   So far I have heard;

*  Reading Patterns

*  Understanding Crochet Diagrams

* Crocheting in the Round

* Crocheting basic stitches

* Crochet techniques

I am including these in my course.   I will also have a bonus video for Blog members.   If there are any other things you want to include please write it down in the comments below.

Update 4:   Lots of you have asked for sewing videos.   I want to be able to narrow down what type of sewing videos you want to see.   Please write your preferences using 1, 2, 3 for your preference.

*  Understanding a sewing machine (what do all those dials do?)

* How to use sewing patterns

* Quilting Lessons

* Sewing basic garments

* Sewing formal dresses

* Sewing bags

I will use that information in order to make videos that you want to watch.

I appreciate your patience and help with the survey.   Write down your comments below.



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Crochet Baby Cardigan – Part of Baby Layette Set

Crochet Baby Cardigan

Crochet Baby Cardigan

Crochet Baby Cardigan

Whew!  The Crochet Baby Cardigan / sweater portion of my Crochet Along (CAL) is finally complete.  Today the last video for this item was uploaded.  This sweater is so cute and a little different than what you usually see.  I decided to use a LeisureArts baby layette pattern for this crochet along.    Each week I will be uploaded short video portions of the items.  This allows everyone time to complete that portion of the instructions before moving onto the next rows/rounds.   I can’t even imagine trying to film, edit and uploading the entire set in one video… Hmmm, it would be like 12 hours long.. no bueno, and not allowed by YouTube.

The pattern can be purchased from  (Click here to purchase pattern)  and will allow you to follow along with me.  It is also a great way to learn to read patterns or at least demystify them a little if you aren’t already a pattern reader.   Remember, reading patterns is just like any other skill.  It is something you need to learn and not an ability you automatically know.  It’s like riding a bike.  You weren’t born knowing how to ride a bike, but thru lots of practice (and falling) you eventually learned.   Now you can enjoy a bike ride whenever you want. ( Or circumstances allow).  It’s the same with reading written patterns as well as diagrams.

I am creating a course to teach you basic crochet stitches (some advanced), how to read patterns, diagrams, etc.    I am excited that soon it will be ready and available to everyone.   On the topic of the crochet course, what type of things would you want to see in it?  Please write it on the comments… i.e., new stitches, reading charts, working in rows/rounds,  reading diagrams, etc.

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