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Easy Crochet Jewelry / Small Containers

crochet jewlery dish

These little Crochet Jewelry / Small Containers  are so fun and easy to make.   They are a great way to use up your yarn scraps.  You can choose any type of yarn.  Here I used some cotton yarn in shades of purple and lilac.   You can make them larger by just using more cording.  The method is still the same.   Using silky yarn of nylon also works well.  You can embellish your finished containers with flowers, buttons, etc.

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You will need cord piping (about 80 inches), scarps of yarn, crochet hook/ H,  sewing needle, Matching thread, clip or something to hold the end of the cord (safety pins work well) Fray cheek (optional).
I purchased my cord piping at Joanns but you can probably find them at any fabric or craft store.   I used an H hook but you just need to use a hook that is appropriate with the type of yarn you are using.
Step 1:  Gather supplies
Step 2:  Cut 2 strips of cord piping about 40 inches each
Step 3:  Single Crochet over the cording until entire length of cord piping is covered.  Do this for both strips.  I did the bottom piece a solid color and combined 2 colors for the lid.
Step 4.  Cut off the white tip of the cord (you can add a little fray check).
Step 5:  (For bottom piece)  Row your strip in a circle and begin to sew the strips like you would a rug, like a coil.   For the bottom piece you will row around 5 rounds.. then on the next rounds you step to lay the cording a little over the previous row to shape into a bowl as you continue stitching.
Step 6:  Repeat as with bottom piece, except that now you will shape you bowl in the opposite shape.   To shape the handle I fold the first couple inches of cording next to itself and then continue coiling it around and sewing.
Step 7:  Sew in your tails.  The collage below shows some of the steps.  You can also view the video tutorial below for a is step-by-step tutorial. 
PicMonkey Collage
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#Crochet – How to crochet straight edges/rows


Method 1




Method 2

Do you struggle with keeping the edges of your work straight?  In this post i will show you how you can #Crochet straight edges/rows.  Meaning, your stitch count will be consistent thru out your work.  For example if your first row calls for 20 stitches and you need to repeat until you have 10 rows (or whatever number)  Your first row and 10th row will all have the same number of stitches.

There are 2 ways that I usually use but I’m sure there are others.  The first method (my preferred) is as follows:

After completing your required number of chains for your foundation row, I crochet the extra needed chains to turn my work.  Usually for a dc I crochet 3 more chains and begin my first dc into the 4th chain from the hook.  (See photo below).   These 3 chains will count as the first stitch of the row in this case a dc.  Then I will complete 1 dc in each chain across the row.   Now to go up to my next row I will chain 3.  These 3 chains will count as your first dc of row 2.

3chains       IMG_3832


Now your first stitch of the row will be in the next stitch.  (See photos below)

IMG_3833         IMG_3834

Now you will do 1 stitch (or whatever number called for in your pattern) across the row.   Your last stitch for the row will go INTO the top of the 3rd ch. (see photo below.)   To move up to your next row you will just chain which number is required for the following row.

IMG_3835       IMG_3837

For Method 2 we will begin our first dc stitch into the same stitch as when you chained 3.  (It will look like an increase).  Then you continue doing your dc (or whatever stitch) as called for in your pattern (see photos)

IMG_3838     IMG_3839

Now you will finish doing your stitches across your rows.   The last stitch goes over the top of the previous rows dc post.  You will NOT be working into the top of the 3rd chain since that stitch was completed in the beginning of the row.


Both methods will give you even stitch count.   Any weird shape will be minimized when you add a border.   This is a way that I keep my #Crochet Edges straight / even.

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#Crochet Angel Wings Backpack



Do you want a chance to win this little backpack? Simple become a member of this site and write a comment below. Winner for various items will be chosen twice a week.

#Crochet Angel Wing Backpack 

One of the great things about having a granddaughter is having someone for whom to make things.   I love coming up with items  I think she would enjoy.   A while back I painted angel wing outlines on a t-shirt and send it to her.  It was a big hit!  It seems a lot of people like wearing angel wings and why wouldn’t you.  I think we would all love to be able to fly and just soar above it all.     Well, maybe we can’t fly but that doesn’t mean we can’t wear wings.   : )

I designed this little #Crochet Angel Wing Backpack to be a fun and pretty item to carry all the things little girls (and big girls) like to take along with them on their daily excursions.   I really hope she likes this backpack.  I can already hear orders coming in.  Sorry I don’t make finished items to sell but I do sell the pattern.   You can purchase the English written pattern here just click on the link :  Crochet Backpack with Wings Purchase Here 

The great thing about this little backpack is that you only use basic crochet stitches.  If you can chain, hdc, dc, and work a dc2tog (dc decrease) you are all set.  It’s fun and easy.  My two favorite combinations.  I used pink for the backpack since pink is one of my favorite colors but you can choose a color of your choice.  I do think that white works best for the wings.  You could even embroider some feather outlines on the wings if you like.

I will also be posting a YouTube video tutorial.  I will update the post with the link very soon.  The video should be ready in a couple of days.  I hope you enjoy making this little #Crochet angel wing backpack.  I sure had fun designing and crocheting it.    As always you may sell any items you make from my purchased or free patterns just don’t sell the patterns themselves as all of my patterns are copyright protected.  Also please do not use my photos, please post photos of your finished work to better represent the items you are selling.

Supplies  used in this video: (affiliate links)


Hook Set:

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#Crochet S’mores… yummy yummy

Yummy Zero Calorie #Crochet S’mores


Do you want a chance to win this little S’more? Simple become a member of this site and write a comment below. Winner for various items will be chosen twice a week.

I enjoy making things just for fun and crochet food fits the bill for me.   I wanted to make something that my granddaughter would like.  I made her these #Crochet Smores.   They are easy and work up very quickly.  You will  need:

Small amounts of yarn.   I used acrylic yarn but you could use any type.  I used a medium weight.

Lt. Brown (small amounts for graham cookie look)  I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in color:  Toast

Chocolate brown yarn (small scraps)  I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in color:  Chocolate

white yarn.   (Small amount)  I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in color:  White

You will need a small amount of stuffing.  I used polyester fiber-fill but cotton would also be a good choice.

Crochet Hook  H/8  5.0 mm

Instructions for crocheting your S’mores

To begin:  (With lighter brown yarn).

Chain 13,  sc in each chain  beginning with 2nd ch from hook.

Row 2-12:  ch 1, sc in ea stitch, last sc will be in ch 1

Fasten off after row 12 and sew in tail.   Make 2 in Lt. Brown color for graham cookie sheets.  Make 1 in Dark Chocolate Brown color

Marshmallow in white yarn:

Magic circle,  ch 2 (counts as hdc here and thru-out),  11 hdc, pull shut, sl st into 2nd ch.

Rnd 2: ch 2, in same stitch make 1 hdc, 2 hdc in ea st, sl st into 2nd ch (total of 24 hdc).

Rnd 3:  ch 1, sc in each stitch, sl st into 1st ch

Rnd 4: Working in back loops only:   ch 2, hdc in ea st, sl st into 2nd ch

Rnd 5:  ch 2, hdc in ea st, (work thru BOTH loops)

Rnd 6: Working in back loops only:  Ch 1, sc in ea st, sl st into 1st ch

Rnd 7:  ch 2, hdc in ea st, sl st into 2nd ch

Rnd 8: ch 1, hdc2 together over each 2 st, total of 12 hdc, fasten off leaving long tail.

Stuff marshmallow with fiber fill.   Now thread a yarn needle with the white yarn tail.    Weave yarn thru stitches and pull shut.  Sew shut.. sew tail in.

To assemble:

Layer the pieces:   1st piece lt. brown,  then marshmallow, chocolate brown piece and finally the other Lt. Brown piece.   Thread yarn needle with Lt. Brown yarn and stitch together (I tack in down in the 4 corners).  Knot and sew in tail.

You are ready to enjoy your #Crochet S’more.    
Do you prefer a video tutorial?    Click below to view my youtube video tutorial for these fun #Crochet S’mores.   Also, please visit my youtube channel and subscribe.

Supplies used in this item:  (Affiliate Links)

Hook set:
Yarn Chocolate:





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